Removable vs. Non Removable Battery: Advantages & Disadvantages

Cellular phones have evolved from the typical feature phones, which used to be fairly popular until the new generation phones, the smartphones took over. As the smartphones evolved, they incorporated great features in every upgrade. If we look at what smartphones were 3 years back, we would be astounded to imagine 3 – 3.5 inch smartphones, with a really poor processor, 128MB RAM, 1GB internal storage and a 3MP rear camera, along with a VGA front camera. If we consider the battery backup those smartphones were capable of, it was amazing because not much of battery was drained to run heavy applications or to power the display. Since we are on this post to talk about the differences between smartphones with removable and non-removable batteries, let’s get started with it.

If you remember the days in which you used to be the amazing mobile mechanic, all it took to repair mobiles was to take the battery off the phone and plug in back. But as the technology evolved, there have been significant development in the battery ecosystem also. In the new age of smartphones, where every phone manufacturing company is trying to reduce the size and making the phones slimmer, they often tend to include a battery which is not user removable. This means that the battery on such smartphones cannot be swapped in and out by the end consumers, but have to be taken to a mobile repair shop or the company’s dedicated service store if you need the battery to be replaced. Everything is done for a reason, so let us look at both – the advantages and disadvantages of having user removable and non-removable battery on smartphones.

Phones with Removable Battery

Like described above, smartphones with removable batteries are essentially the ones which allows consumers to easy remove the battery unit from the host phone at their ease. They can simply open us the back cover and pop the battery off their device, with no rocket science knowledge required.

Advantages of Phones with Removable Battery:

  1. Easy restart option: There are several instances where the phones stops responding to any external stimuli. All you need to do under these circumstances is, pop the back cover off, take out the battery (which is a hard way to switch off the phone) and put it in again. Now after turning on the phone, it will resume its normal functioning.
  2. Replacement is so much easier: Battery replacements under conditions where it isn’t giving sufficient power backup as promised are really very easy. Whenever you feel that the battery within the phone is underperforming, just get a new battery from the nearest shop with the same specifications as that of the original one and replace them. In addition to being easy, it also is economical – since you have saved a decent amount which you had to pay for the labour.
  3. Water damage can be cured: We’re humans, we make mistakes and one of the very common mistake which can destroy your phone is accidentally falling into water. Most of the times, the phone is not completely damaged and can be easily cured with simple techniques like drying. With removable batteries, it because a lot easier to blow out the water from the parts inaccessible from outside.
  4. You can carry a backup battery (or emergency battery): There are certain people who travel a lot, and their travel includes very less stationary time to charge their phones. With batteries being removable, they always have an option to carry a few extra fully charged batteries and swap them in whenever required.

Disadvantages of Phones with Removable Battery:

  1. Phone might get damaged by frequent removal: Since you are being given the option of being flexible in the battery compartment, you’ll be pulling out and pushing in the battery several times – at least 3 to 4 times a month. During hurry, you might not follow the proper steps and end up damaging the parts such a pins or the SIM card slot. This might incur huge repair costs, since you will have to replace them with original components.
  2. Bulkier phones: With great powers, comes great size. Allowing users to remove the batteries force manufacturers to add sufficient room for safe removal so that consumers do not damage the device. Also to achieve the removable battery design, batteries need to be rectangular (easiest to manage) space for which might not always be available.

Phones with Non-Removable Battery

If you have been using modern age phones, or smartphones as one calls it you might have noticed that the back cover is not user removable. When the back cover is bundled with the entire body, we say that the battery is not user removable. There might be certain situations where you might be able to take out the cover, but the battery shall still remain intact.

Advantages of Phones with Non-Removable Battery:

  1. Unibody design implementation: Who doesn’t love slim phones which offer an amazing performance? Well, for manufacturers (with the existing technology) this becomes only possible when the battery comes fixed within the phone, occupying the bare minimum volume possible.
  2. Lesser damages to the interiors of the phone: When the battery isn’t user removable, that means you do not get to swap it in and out often. With this, the internal parts like the pins are safe from any kind of damage.
  3. Prevents unwanted particles from entering the inner segments: The battery ensure that most of the space is occupied and there are no gaps from which the foreign unwanted particles might enter the phone and hinder with the functioning.

Disadvantages of Phones with Non-Removable Battery:

  1. Costlier to change the battery with a new one: Since the technicalities is lesser known to the public, the cheaper replacement units available with local sellers are hard to find. The only option you would be left with is taking your phone to the company’s service center to get it changed.
  2. Swapping in and out a battery requires expertise: Company strictly instruct users not to try removing the battery all by themselves, because it requires expertise and tools which are not available commonly.
  3. Fast reboot option unavailable: Gone are the days when you used to remove the battery from your phone when it failed to respond and was hung. You’ll have to look out for a combination of keys, depending on your phone to reboot it.


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