WhatsApp Announces Desktop Apps for Mac and Windows

WhatsApp answered a ton of prayers when it released a working web application last year. The limitation was that the web app was essentially a Chrome app so if you did not have Google Chrome on your laptop, you would not be able to send across WhatsApp messages from your computer. Since then, there have been numerous requests made about a standalone application for WhatsApp and the app was made live yesterday.

The standalone application is available for Windows and Mac now. However, the major limitation that still remains upfront is that the app needs your phone to be syncing in real time all the way through. This means that your smartphone at all times needs to be connected to the internet if you want to drop and receive messages from your WhatsApp. Unfortunately, you cannot even make phone calls using the application currently, so the whole setup looks very similar to WhatsApp running in a dedicated browser and nothing beyond that, which is a pity.

However, if you do not want Chrome on your system and want to get around the problem where the tab freezes due to low RAM, this desktop application would be handy. Another place where this desktop applciation is really handy is that it uses system notifications to notify you of the incoming messages rather than using Chrome Notifications, which can be a little annoying. There is document upload available, zooming in and out of images and ability to sign up for Beta updates. The limitation is that neither system notifications nor the Chrome notifications from WhatsApp are actionable, so while you can no doubt see the messages, you will have to go to the applicatioin in order to reply, unlike on Android where you will be able to respond to the messages right from the notification itself. Currently, you would need your computer to be running Windows 8+ or Mac OS 10.9+ in order to install the application.

Via: WhatsApp Blog

_H/T: Rohan Naravane at Pricebaba.com_


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