Instagram is Testing a New Black and White Design

Just over a year or so ago, Instagram got a makeover post its acquisition by Facebook where the aim was to make the overall design sharper and flatter. It looks like the design team at Instagram is hard at work again with them testing a new black and white design. The test is live and underway with a small set of users and we have been lucky enough to be on the roster for the same.

We have been using the iOS app on our iPhone 6s and while the Android device we use continue to have the application in the white and blue version, the iOS app has been updated with the new design. The monochromatic design allows the pictures shared on the platform stand out even more and gives a very retro kind of a feel.

The icons at the bottom have been updated too and you have overall a very flat and simple design now. There are no new features as such that we could at least figure in our time of using the application, but there definitely seems to be an air of change here. It remains to be seen whether Instagram will stick to this new monochromatic design and go ahead with a more public rollout or was it just a soak test to gauge the experience and feedback of the users. No doubt, the redesign gets a thumbs up from us as it just makes the whole experience a little easier on the eye instead of the excessive blue bands thrown in there, which made Instagram look like a love child of Facebook and their design team.

H/T: @verarp


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