Netflix is Bringing a Mobile Data Saver Feature to its Android App

If you are living in a developing country, a possibility is that you are just as aware of the MBs left over on your mobile data service as you are of the Dollars in your bank account. They are prized possession. As a result, any application that drains the data on your device we prefer to run them on WiFi only and not on cellular data. To combat this problem, several applications have started shipping with a Data Saver Mode, which basically restricts the amount of mobile data that an application will consume. Primarily the mode puts a check on the data consumed in the background as well as drops down the content to just barely viewable quality.

A Data Saver Mode was recently caught on some Netflix apps on Android. Netflix has confirmed that it indeed was soak testing the feature with a few users and the feature as a whole will be rolling out very soon. In an official blog post, Netflix announced:

As consumers increasingly watch video over mobile networks, Netflix is constantly exploring ways to give members more control over their Netflix experience. That’s why we will soon introduce a data saver feature designed for mobile apps.

The data saver feature will provide members with more control over their data usage when streaming on mobile networks, allowing them to either stream more video under a smaller data plan, or increase their video quality if they have a higher data plan. We’re on track to make it available to members sometime in May.

With the launch in May, you will be able to cap the global playback rate on Android app to 600 kilobits per second, which should make for a very decent content viewing. Netflix also hinted that it plans to give the mobile users a greater leeway in picking the resolution they choose when viewing the content, which is only a good news.

Via: Android Police


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