GOQii Fitness Band Review: The Perfect Fitness Tracker!

Not so long ago, we posted our suggestions on the top 5 fitness bands in India. We ranked the GOQii band number one, and now, we are really sure we weren’t wrong at the time in making our decision. We have been using the GOQii Fitness Band since last 2 months, and the device is undoubtedly the best one under a price tag of Rs. 5,000 or $75. The device is available in two different strap colours, Red and Black, and different subscription options of 3, 6 or 12 months.

The Box

The device comes in a beautiful and minimal square packaging, with almost all details about the device on the outside. Inside the small white box, we get a charging cradle, an activation card, a few user manuals and the GOQii Band itself.

The Device

The GOQii Band sports a 360-degree motion sensor to record the steps and sleep quality. The device also has Bluetooth LE used for pairing it with Android, iOS or Windows Devices, with the app being available on Windows PCs too. The device has a Touchscreen OLED Display, which is capable of displaying the time, steps calculated, the time for which you’ve been active, number of calories burnt, distance covered, and number of Karma Points earned. The GOQii Band is sweat proof and water resistant, but still it is recommended not to take it for long showers. Lastly, the battery life of the GOQii Band is quite good, considering it can run easily for 7-8 days on a single charge.


We have been using the GOQii Band for more than 2 months now, and personally my experience has been really good with it. We have had a Xiaomi Mi Band too, and the GOQii Band beats it in all ways. Here are a few Pros and Cons of the device which we could notice in these 60 days.


  1. The device has a touchscreen OLED Display, which displays almost everything you’d need to see during the day – Time and Date, Steps Count, Calories Burnt, Distance Covered, Time for which you’ve been active, and Karma Points earned.

  2. The battery life is quite impressive, as the device can run for 7-8 days on a single charge with normal usage.

The design looks really good.

  1. Overall look, feel and usage of the device is awesome. For just ₹1,399 (3-month plan), it surely is a deal breaker!


  1. The strap of the GOQii Band catches dust easily, so you need to clean it with warm water almost every alternate day.

  2. The screen of the device is slightly curved from the top, enabling it to get scratched little easily. So far, we’ve got 2-3 scratches on the screen, which makes it look quite ugly.

  3. The display is almost unreadable in bright sunlight, so if you need to have a look even at the time, you either cover the screen with your hand so sunlight does not reach it, or look at your phone for it.

  4. It has an alarm option, but the alarm vibration is so soft that you just can’t wake up using it.

You have been reading about the subscription thing in the review many times till now, and might be wondering what is actually is. So what the subscription is, is that depending upon which plan you have among the three 3, 6 and 12 months plans, you get a coach for that period. We have a 3-month plan, and have a coach which will disconnect with us after 1 month, as I’ve already completed 2 months with the Band. The coach will instruct you on what you need to eat during the festive seasons, the weekends, how much you need to work, how you need to workout, and everything else. The coaches are quite friendly and they would ask you for a 20-30 minutes call in the beginning of your subscription. This is a really good way of motivating users into more of workout instead of just sitting in front of the computers and becoming lazier day by day.

Another thing which we found to be really innovative is the Karma Points system. After every 390 steps you cover, you receive one Karma Point. Now what Karma Points is is that GOQii runs several campaigns throughout the period, to which you can donate these Karma points, which would the organisation which have started the campaign to fulfill the cause of the campaign. For example, recently GOQii Started the campaign of increasing sanitation facilities in villages. There is a specific number of Karma Points required in order to reach the goal, and once it is completed, the organisation by which the campaign is held would go on and do whatever they are required to, in this case, help in increasing sanitation facilities in villages. These campaigns are funded by Oxfam. This is a very innovative way which would actually help people doing more of workout and donating Karma points to GOQii. Karma Points system is a thing which we found to be really, really awesome.


Staying fit is something on which we need to look upon, but we often just let it go. The Fitness Tracker market is working really hard to get us people into more of workout activities rather than just sitting in front of computers for 15 hours and then just eat and sleep. GOQii is a real deal breaker at this price. With the other services which GOQii offers, mainly the coaching and the Karma Points System, it becomes a very unique fitness tracker in the market currently.


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