Lenovo K4 Note with Fingerprint Reader coming to India soon

Lenovo has had a good year in 2015 with their

K3 Note being one of the top selling smartphones this year. The phone was among the first phones to have a 1080p display under Rs 10,000 which helped it sell in huge numbers.Lenovo seems to be starting the New Year with a bang by launching the Lenovo K4 Note.

The K4 Note is said to make the current offer from Lenovo even interesting. Based on what Lenovo has been tweeting out and sharing on other social networks. The phone it seems comes with a metal trim all around. The Lenovo K3 Note had a plastic body and if the K4 Note comes with a metal body it’ll be a considerable upgrade.


Among the other updates Lenovo did tease about a killer display on the K4 Note. The K3 Note already had a big 5.5 inch display with a Full HD resolution. We are curious to see what Lenovo is planning to do with the display on the K4 Note. Among the other hints that Lenovo has been dropping, it can be confirmed that the Lenovo K4 will be launching with a fingerprint scanner. The sub Rs 10,000 market has only one smartphone with a fingerprint scanner was the Coolpad Note 3. Lenovo aims to make the phone safer and unlocking the phone easier by placing a fingerprint scanner on it. With this the Lenovo K4 Note makes it to the list of mobile phones with a fingerprint scanner. Surprisingly, Lenovo has decided to put the fingerprint scanner at the back just below the camera on the smartphone.

The Lenovo K3 Note had a 3000mAh battery which returned good battery backup from the mid range smartphone. Like every successor the K4 Note is expected to at least match it if not exceed it. The launch of the Coolpad Note 3 last year might have been stiff competition for the K3 Note. Lenovo has kept the other specifications of the phone under wraps which will be unveiled at the event on January 5th.


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