How to Enhance the Number of Characters you can Insert on a Snapchat Post on an iPhone?

We live in a free world, a world where we are allowed to be as expressive as we wish to be, without anyone taking away that right. This has kind of trickled on to Social Media too, where other than perhaps Twitter, which despite its character limit has gone on to become really popular thanks to the ability of the medium to instantly share information which users absolutely love, every other medium lets you generously express your thoughts.

One medium that is becoming really popular but doesn’t really let you do have a free run on the count of your thoughts is Snapchat. Currently, when you send a Snapchat to your friends, you can only add up to 31 characters in the post, and if you want to sound like someone who understands the King’s English well, some of those characters will be taken away by spaces or even punctuation marks. But what if, you have  a lot more to say than what the input field lets you to do on Snapchat? Here is what you do if you are using an iPhone.

  1. Before you decide to share across your awesome selfies on Snapchat, you will need to open the official Notes application, or any Notes app for that matter on your iPhone.
  2. When the app opens, you need to press the Return key on your keyboard about four times, so that the cursor moves to about the fourth line.
  3. Now, go ahead and copy all the blank space that you have on the Notes app from the fourth line to the beginning of the first line.
  4. This is the time when you go ahead and open your Snapchat application, and take a picture.
  5. In order to add the caption to your post, click on the Text icon on the top right spot of the screen.
  6. When the field opens, you simply need to paste the blank spaces in the text field. You will see that the field automatically expanded and you can move the cursor to the absolute top in order to enter in whatever you wish. If you have more requirement, you can keep posting blank spaces into the text field and enjoy.

We hope this little trick would help you express yourself explicitly on Snapchat. Do let us know if you found it useful.


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