Screenshots of Apple Music Running on Android Phone Leaked

While Apple Music may only have one-third the number of active listeners as compared to the more established and popular services like Spotify, it still remains one of the most popular and comprehensive services out there when it comes to streaming your music. However, today you need either an iPhone or iTunes on board your computer to be able to listen to music out of the wonderful world of Apple music. So the current solution includes either buying a fairly recent iPhone likes of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s or installing iTunes on your system.

What if you own, say an Android phone and are too concerned to install iTunes on your Windows machine? The logical answer would be to hope that Apple would bring Apple Music to Android phones, a demand that has been made often, and a demand that Apple is already working on. However, there has been no specific ETA for the app release yet other than suggestions that sometime around this fall that the app would be hitting the Google Play Store.

If that seems to be the timeframe that Apple is targetting for the app, then the leaked screenshots of the application on _Mobilegeeks _seem fairly genuine and show the project is fairly on time for completion given the app looks to have pretty much the UI in place. If you have used the iOS version of the app, then you would be able to trace out the similarity between the two apps. The hamburger menu too is very much in line with the Android apps of today, which shows that Apple has actually put in efforts to make the app fit well in the Android ecosystem. The screenshots seem to have been taken by a German user and shows to have the regular features such as curated playlists as well as Radio that we have seen on the Apple version of Apple Radio. Not just this, you can also set limit to the download to occur only on Wi-Fi as well as the local storage that you wish the app to take so that if you are on a device with limited local storage, you are not left scratching your head.



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