Google Pulls Out 'Ok Google' Voice Detection From Chrome For Desktop

As it was expected, even at the launch that voice activation controls would not really pick up on desktops the way they did on mobile and tablet devices. This is mainly down to the fact that not all computers as they age have a proper working microphone and disabled permission requests that users may have in the past set. Add to this, not a lot of people are comfortable sitting and talking to their computers when they have a full sized keyboard to use and type out their queries, it has come as no surprise that Google has decided to call it quits on its time with ‘Ok Google’ detection on desktop.

With the latest stable build of Chrome out (version: 46) all for Windows, Mac and Linux out now, users are not seeing the hot word detection. However, the feature has not completely gone as you can still click on the microphone that is visible next to the search bar within Google. On clicking that you will be able to speak to your computer and ask for a query to be looked upon.

If you are using Chromebook though, you will still be able to call out Google from virtually anywhere and ask for a query to see the results. There are new releases of Chrome available both for Android as well as iOS too, with new media playback controls now available on Android as well as Autofill for Google Payments.



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