Top 5 Fitness Bands in India: Price, Details and Features

In the modern life, everyone is worried about their health. But people don’t have time to pay attention to their fitness either. Technology has become an important part of our lives. But did you know, that a simple small gadget, can track all of your day? They can record how much sleep you had last night, how much did you run, notify you that you’re being lethargic and need to get some steps, and even wake you up in the morning! You can find a lot of them, ranging from Rs. 999, all the way upto Rs. 35,000! They’ve got plenty of other features. So today, we’re listing out top 5 budget fitness bands which are currently available in India.

1. GOQii Fitness Band

Alright, so here we have the best affordable fitness band out there – GOQii. It was quite difficult for me to choose out a best one. The GOQii, is somewhat different from other fitness bands we’ve listed in this feature. Not different as in features, but GOQii offers a bit more than other fitness bands out there. The GOQii band has a 3, 6 or 12 months of subscription for a personal trainer, who will remind you what to eat, when to jog, walk, run, etc. Basically, you’ll just be paying more for a trainer, that’s all. And once you have your subscription over, you can either pay again, or just skip it, the device would count steps and do whatever it has to, just that you won’t be having the personal trainer anymore. So GOQii is a real deal at this price.

Price: Rs. 1,399 (3 month plan), Rs. 3,499 (6 month plan), Rs. 4,799 (12 month plan)

2. Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge was released in early 2015, and sports a fairly small OLED Display. It is capable of showing you your steps, time, and even the Caller ID of the person who’s calling you on your phone! The design is quite similar to that of Fitbit Flex. The Charge too can wake you up silently, show steps, and everything an average fitness tracker does. The battery life is supposed to last 7-10 days, which again is quite less as compared to other budget fitness trackers listed above.

Price: Rs. 9,990

3. Xiaomi Mi Band

This wearable device was released back on 23 April 2015 in India. The Mi Band sports a 41 mAh Battery, which is supposed to run 30 long days, which is quite awesome, because most fitness trackers provide max to max 15 days of battery life! The device has a Aluminium Alloy plating on the core, which does scratch when used slightly roughly. This fitness tracker has the ability to record your steps, tell how much sleep you had last night, wake you up in the morning, and all that in real brief. You can also use third-party apps to enable your device to notify you, whenever you receive a notification on your connected device, but that drains hell lot of battery. Moreover, the Mi Band is IP67 certified, so you don’t need to take it off while having a shower. The device has Three LEDs which glow up as per your convenience. The build quality wasn’t that great, the strap got scratched really fast, and now after 4 months of continuous usage, the strap looks ugly. This is among those cheapest wearables you can currently buy. You can buy it from for Rs. 999, but this device continues the Xiaomi legacy too, you have to wait for it’s flash sale.

Price: Rs. 999

4. Fitbit Flex


The Fitbit Flex can record your sleep, steps, wake you up, and be called as a good fitness tracker. The Device’s 5 LEDs glow up every time you reach closer to a fraction of your goal. It can show you how many calories you’ve burnt, wake you up by vibrations, etc. The battery life is just average, it can run only 10-14 days. This device too is water and sweat resistant. In terms of design, you can replace the strap, just like other fitness trackers.

Price: Rs. 6,990

5. YU Fit

Launched on 23 July 2015, by YU division of Micromax, previously known for it’s cheap smartphones, sports an OLED Display, which is capable of displaying almost anything you’d ever want a wearable device to. It can display notifications (supported by official YUFit app), show you the number of steps on the device itself, how many messages are unread and missed calls on your device, and quite a few things which almost all fitness trackers do. Undoubtedly, it’s a better device than the Mi Band, and that too at the same price! This device too is water resistant. One big disappointment about the device is that it’s really inaccurate. The device doesn’t count steps as expected, at all. Coming to the design, it resembles the Xiaomi Mi Band, a lot. But don’t think that YUFit kills Mi Band in every aspect – the display of YUFit is hardly visible under sunlight, and due to the OLED display, the battery life too would be average.

Price: Rs. 999


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