Huawei Honor 7: Specifications, Features and Price

So Huawei is back again with its new flagship, Huawei Honor 7, exactly one year after it launched its flagship phone last year. The company started off the event by showcasing its exponentially growth over the years and conveyed to the audience that they really do mean business when they talk about India.

The company certainly has build up confidence in the consumers by providing regular updates and fixing issues by having an R&D center in India. Moreover, the reviews on Ecommerce websites by various users only corroborate with the Huawei’s claims.

Coming on to the Huwaei Honor 7, the phone has 5.2 inch full HD IPS display, featuring a metal unobody design which is quite appealing. Although the display resolution is a bit disappointing considering it’s the company’s flagship phone. But that being said, priced at 22900 INR, it makes up for that by providing some pretty sweet features at a reasonable price. Starting off with the fingerprint scanner. It’s the first fingerprint scanner without a metallic ring and can unlock the phone in just 0.5 seconds. And the best part, it can do so from any angle.

The company then went ahead and talked about its 20 megapixel rear camera and introduction of some not-so-new features such as time lapse and some really interesting functionality such as the filters. Huawei Honor 7 will allow you to create your own filters from any of the photos you like. Huawei also The front 8 megapixel wide angle shooter comes packed with equally exciting features such the perfect selfie and light painting. Perfect selfie helps you to create a selfie profile for yourself and makes sure you look perfect in your groupfies while light paiting allows you to make graffiti in your photos using the lights highlighted in them. Apart from that, the camera also features soft light flash, which is becoming more and more common these days, claiming it won’t over-bright your photos but rather make it perfect under extremely low light condition.

Huwaei made sure that it incorporates features according to your conveniences rather than making you adapt to them. For example, Huawei Honor 7 allows you to take screenshots by tapping your knuckles on the screen. The phone also features a smart button on the side allowing you to customize it for applications according to your needs. As an added bonus, the phone also features an infrared sensor. Honor 7 comes packed with a 3100 mAH battery to make sure you don’t really need a powerbank with you all the time. In fact, it introduced a pretty innovative and first- in-segment feature known as the reverse charging which would allow your phone to act as a power bank for other devices. Huawei Honor 7 wakes up if called by its name, Honeybear, even if it’s in silent mode

Huawei Honor 7 is powered by an octa-core Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor (2.2GHz quad-core+1.5GHz quad-core), Mali-T628 GPU and 3GB of RAM. On paper, the phone looks amazing on the hardware front as well as the software front. We won’t be able to say anything definite until we get some hands on time with the phone. But if the phone really delivers what it promises, and considering Huawei’s commitment towards the Indian market in terms of support, I think Huawei’s got a winner in its hands.


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