Android Marshmallow Update Rolling Out to Nexus Devices

Google recently announced the new Android operating system called Marshmallow alongside the new Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. Just as promised, Google has release the factory images of Android Marshmallow for its existing lineup of Nexus devices.

Android Marshmallow comes with a lot of features over what Android Lollipop offered. Google Now on Tap is among the highlights of the update, where Google can pull information from the internet based on the content on the page. The next feature that makes a huge difference is the Doze feature. The Doze feature uses the accelerometer data to determine if the phone is being used or is lying idle. When it detects the phone being idle it turns the processor down and suspends apps to save the battery. Marshmallow also brings App permissions to Android, a feature that was present on Apple devices for quite some time now. The OS now allows the user to set permissions on what an app can access on the phone. Apps no longer ask the user to accept the permissions the app requires before installation but requests permissions when it is required.

The factory images are currently available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus Player and the two Nexus Tablets the 7 and 9. While the factory images are available on the Google Developer website, the search giant has also rolled out Over The Air (OTA) updates for the devices. We’ve seen Google rolling out the update in stages so different areas will receive the update at different times. Recently some Android One devices in India have also received an OTA update to Marshmallow. It may take anywhere between a few days to a weeks for the update to roll out for all the devices.


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