A Smartphone that Runs Both Android and Windows Phone 10: Meet Elephone Vowney

We have seen laptops or tablets with dual boot features, where users can load two operating systems on one machine and switch between them. There are several Linux-Windows machines out there as well as a few tablets with Windows and Android dual boot configuration. While there were some rumors of a true Windows Phone device coming with dual boot configuration with Android, it is only now that we truly have a smartphone that is capable of running two Operating Systems at one go. And it comes from a player that you would definitely have not been able to guess.

Elephone Vowney is the device made by the Chinese OEM Elephone that runs Android Lollipop with a custom on top, and Windows 10 Mobile. The device is priced fairly competitively at $299.99 and will be going into the markets in China from September 30th. The hardware on the smartphone is definitely worth noting and packs a proper punch, well above the $300 price point. The screen on the phone is a 5.5 inch QHD IPS panel giving the phone an amazing PPI of 535. Powering the phone is a MediaTek MT6795 SoC with 3 GB of RAM.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV0_qhPRtHs]

In terms of storage space, the phone will come with 32 GB internal storage and a slot for micro SD expansion. The Vowney will support up to 64 GB micro SD cards, so you can effectively more than double the storage on your smartphone. You have a Dual SIM support, where both the SIMs are Micro SIMs, though unfortunately, there is no LTE on board and the phone is 3G only. The rear camera is a 20.7 MP sensor built by Sony capable of recording in 4K. Elephone has decided to go ahead and place a finger print scanner too at the back of the phone just below the camera lens which has a bump. The front camera is 8 MP for your selfie shots. The battery on the Elephone Vowney is a 4200 mAh unit, though the good thing here is that it is a removable battery so you will be able to carry a space and use it in case you want that.

It is worth noting that the device comes with Windows Mobile 10 out of the box when the same has not yet been officially announced by Microsoft themselves. It could well be that the Vowney is the first ever Windows 10 Mobile, even before any of the Lumia devices have it officially. The device will be available in White, Black and Golden colors as choices.


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