HTC all set to announce HTC Aero M9 on September 6th

HTC has been battling hard in order to stay in the green and continue dominating the Android world as far as the title of makers of the most beautiful Android phones go as Samsung has laid down the challenge with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus. A lot will be riding on the new phones that HTC comes up with, especially as they were criticized left, right and center for not really refreshing the design and taking things forward from the M8 to the M9. That is why, the launch of the next product from HTC, which now is confirmed for September 6th will be absolutely critical.

The device is expected to be called the HTC Aero M9, though it is quite a possibility that the phone will just carry the HTC A9 moniker and that Aero is just an internal name that HTC is using to recognize the phone. HTC has confirmed the event via its Weibo account where they shared an image of the device appearing. There is not a lot of information that we could extract from the image other than the fact that the phone will have a very curvy exterior. The creative also carries the message, “Superior handsomeness” which pretty much confirms that the USP of the phone would be its design and build quality.

It is expected that the phone will come with a 10 core MediaTek SoC, an upgrade from the HTC M9 and also bring 4GB of RAM. The camera is expected to be in the range of 20 MP and is rumored to be able to shoot RAW images, a no mean feat. The phone is expected to have metal as the major construction material and will bring a nice glass metal combination on the back. The rumors are that A9 will launch initially on AT&T before going out to becoming available offline as well as with other carriers.

Via: Technobuffalo


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