Fitbit enters Indian Markets, now offering Products offline

So finally the world’s topmost fitness band maker, Fitbit has officially entered the Indian market. Although, some of its products were available in India through Amazon, the company has now partnered up with Chroma, Helios and Reliance to offer its products through brick and mortar stores.

The company is currently the top fitness band maker in the United States, showing continues growth in spite of growing competition in the segment and plans to follow the same trend in India. Focusing on growing problems related to Obesity, Heart, Diabetes the company focused on three of its major devices. The first one called the Fitness Charge, will be available for Rs. 9,900 and features some sweet functions like automatic sleep tracking, automatic sync to Smartphones and even shows the caller ID of incoming calls.

The next one is known as the Fitbit HR, which is also the company’s best selling fitness tracker in US, would cost Rs. 12,900. It would include all the features present in Fitbit Charge, along with featuring a continuous heart rate tracking monitor. The company also launched Fitbit Surge, a smartwatch featuring GPS tracker meaning you can go for Trekking, bike riding and get accurate results. As an added bonus, the watch is also water resistant. The Fibit Surge watch has been priced at Rs. 19,900.

The company emphasized on how it beats its competitors by focusing more on their software ecosystem. Then it went ahead to showcase its app Fitstar, which is available for iOS and computer systems. The app gives you customized training sessions according your ability and strength and changes the workout routines as your progress. The company also mentioned about its soon to be launched Fitstar Yoga focusing on the Indian consumers.

So including these 3, Fitbit now has a product line of seven devices i.e, ranging from Rs. 3,990 to Rs. 19,900.


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