How To: Turn off Auto Correct on OS X El Capitan

The public release of El Capitan is about a month or so away. As Apple continues to polish the OSX update, there have been several minor updates along the way. Yet, there have been a fair few things that have stayed constant through the three public betas that we have tested. One major improvement that we have noticed with El Capitan is the Auto Correct feature, which has become more aggressive for the language that you have selected. This feature currently really works within any Apple made application like E-Mail, Safari or Notes but we hope it would be over some of the other third party applications too.

However, with the feature of Auto Correct, there can be a major annoyance too. For example, the other day we were trying to write down a conversation in Hindi in notes using the English script, and the application kept on auto correcting Hindi words albeit written in English to the closest matching English word. The only way around this is to turn off Auto Correct on Mac OSX and that is not the most straight forward thing to do. So in order to turn off Auto Correct, you simply need to follow the following steps.


Step 1: Launch the System Preferences application from the system dock.

Step 2: Under System Preferences, click on Keyboard option that is located in the second row of the settings available.

Step 3: After clicking on Keyboard, you will need to go to the ‘Text’ tab of the window that pops open.

It is here that the magic happens. You simply need to uncheck the box that says that OSX will automatically correct the spellings for you. Not just that, in case you want an auto correct where OSX will automatically change a word to certain word that you have wanted without a problem. We found out that the words you add here will also reflect up on your iPhone or iPad in case you are using the same Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone and that is definitely a handy thing to do as you will not have to write over and over again. This same procedure will also be applied if you want to turn off Auto Correct in OSX Yosemite.


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