Has the Galaxy Note Series Given Way to the Galaxy S Series for Being the True Flagship Bearer for Samsung?

As August 13th approaches, more and more leaks and information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Note 5 Edge filters through. It has come to the point that even before any word is out on the device officially, we pretty much know everything that the phone is bringing. Other than minor details like exactly which 64 bit Octa Core Chipset will the phone rock or which Sony sensor will be behind the 16 MP goodness on the rear, the Galaxy Note 5 is an open book, for anybody to read.

However, one aspect that we could not help but notice was that how much of an inspiration has this year’s Galaxy Note 5 taken from the

Samsung Galaxy S6 which was launched earlier this year. The Note series, being the flagship that is launched towards the end of the second half of the year is usually the device that sets the benchmark and the Galaxy S smartphone succeeding it in the first half of the next year usually follows it. That has been the trend right from the very first Note device, which laid foundations to the 720p display which was later seen in the Galaxy S3.

The Note 2 brought with it a chrome finished look on its plastic body which was then carried forward to the Galaxy S4, not to forget that the Note 2 was one of the first phones to bring 2GB of RAM which we later saw on the S4 too. With the Note 3, Samsung announced rounder edges and a slimmer profile that was seen on the Galaxy S5, though the S5 to its credit did bring some interesting firsts with it, including the Finger Print Scanner, Heart Rate Monitor etc. Having said that, a quick comparison between the Note 3 and S5 tells you the superiority of the Note despite being an earlier release. The Note 4 was the first Samsung smartphone to truly embrace metallic design with its chamfered edge design and while the S6 was a drastically different device with a glass and metallic design, the thought was pretty much seeded by the appreciation that the Note 4 received for is design. However, this is the first time when the Galaxy S6 has taken the lead when it comes to being the design inspiration for the next Note device rather than the other way round.

The Edge revolution began with the Note too


From the images that we have seen, the Galaxy Note 5 will bring the same glass and metal construction with a protruding camera lens that we saw on the S6 and will similarly have an Edge variant. Interesting to note though, that the Note Edge was actually the first phone with the curved display and the Galaxy S6 Edge was actually an improvisation on the idea. While we have not seen a lot of development happen to make the edge displays particularly useful, it still remains a nascent idea which definitely could be molded into things far more useful.

Why is it that the Samsung is pushing its energy into the Galaxy S series than Note?

While it is true and established that the Note series has been the flagship device from Samsung, it is interesting to explore why the attention has all of a sudden shifted back to the Galaxy S series. Was it a conscious decision or just happened to be? Given the track record of Samsung, it is worth going ahead with the thought that there was a lot of thinking involved in the move and not just an instinctive choice. The best reason we could come up was that the Note series is already a runaway winner in the phablet phone category. Other than the iPhone 6 Plus in the similar price range, there is no phablet device that a user in that category will buy. However, if you look at the Samsung Galaxy S series, several options including new Chinese entrants like Mi, OnePlus along with the age old players like LG, HTC and Apple are present to steal the thunder. Making a choice between the Galaxy Note 4 today versus the iPhone 6 Plus would be a more straightforward win than competing the Galaxy S5 against the LG G3, HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and the Motorola Moto X. Therefore it made sense to save the best for the category that is most cut throat and bring all the awesomeness to it.

Will the Note Series always remain in the shadows of the Galaxy S Series in Future?


It does look like the next major jump would be towards a 4K display and with it being pretty much confirmed that the Note 5 will be sporting a Quad HD display and therefore a better SoC and other internals, it is not beyond the realms of reality that the Note series at least for the coming generation will be taking cues from the Galaxy S series and not the other way round. Beyond that though, it is anybody’s guess depending upon the market and the sales performances of the two smartphones in order to gauge who becomes the guru and who will be the follower.

For now though, the Galaxy S series is the true flagship while the Note series will continue to take cues and make marginal improvements giving the users the same top of the page phablet experience, that it was, just with not the most original design.


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