Review: Boxight Ek Box – Dive into the Future!

Boxight, a startup company that takes an approach forward to make virtual reality kits affordable so that there are more users who can experience the astounding experience of Virtual Reality (VR). They have produced products like Beta VR Kit (also known as the Ek Box) and the Pro VR Kit. The Beta Kit follows the DIY (Do It Yourself) model and comes with a pre-cut cardboard and all you will have to do is fold the cardboard from the edges marked and your VR kit is ready to be used. Since their aim is to reach the masses, they’ve kept the price of the Ek Box kit less than $5 (Rs. 288). I have been playing around with the Beta VR Kit (Ek Box) for around a couple of weeks to explore the wide array of options we get in the field of Virtual Reality.

Getting Started: Contents and Design

The design of the Boxight Ek Box is very simple and it will take a maximum of five minutes for you to get started. On exploring the contents of the box we find there’s only a pre-cut cardboard without any user manuals or accessories. The cardboard includes two bi-focal lenses, magnet, and a couple of Velcro patches. To assemble the Boxight Ek Box, you need to fold the cardboard from the marked edges and to hold it in its place to need to insert the cardboard projections into the slits. You can finally stick the outer surface on the cardboard with the help of the double sided tape that comes pre-installed in the kit.

You can now open the outer flap to insert your smartphone inside to get started. The only doubt that crosses my mind is the screen size. If you own a smartphone with a screen size of 5-inches, then you’re good to go, but when it comes to smartphones with screen size lesser than or more than 5 inches, you cannot easily use the kit without using some object that can hold your device inside. Coming to compatibility, the Boxight Ek Box works with majority of Android powered smartphones running Android Kitkat (or later) and a small segment of iPhone, though it’s going to take some more time for Boxight to extend its support for iPhone devices.

Exploring the Future: Utility and Applications


Once you have the device set, you are ready to start exploing the world of Virtual Reality. we tried out plenty of applications which were compatible with the Ek Box, and here are a couple of them that we enjoyed the most.

a. Go Show Free: Who wouldn’t like to experience a theater like experience right from their home itself? With the Go Show application, you can play any video from your smartphone – either 2D, 3D, 360 degrees or 3D 360 degrees. You’ll be made to sit in a theater with the video being played right big screen in front of you! All I can say that it was a spectacular experience at the cost of the Ek Box.

Download here

b. Dive Street View: If you love to travel and explore new cities in the world then you should definitely try out this application with the Boxight Ek Box. On installing the application you will be given a user ID. Visit via a PC and set the desired location from the map. After a few seconds, the map will start loading on your mobile and you can roam around the place. Believe me, it was an absolute rejoice using this application.

Download here

c. Cardboard Catapult: Imagine a situation where you are being hit by birds coming across you and you have no other weapon apart from a catapult. You can use the magnet provided on the left side of the Ek Box to load your catapult and once you’ve aimed at the approaching bird, just leave the magnet to release the stone from the catapult. There are a little bugs in the game, but since it is in its initial stages it is ought to have small bugs here or there.

Download here


d. Moorente: A quite similar game to the Cardboard Catapult, but you will now have to aim the sucks instead of the birds. And in order to shoot them, you will have to keep your Ek Box steady in one direction. Considering the concept, this game is decent enough and will help you pass your time.

Download here

You can even install Boxight’s own application which will provide the entire list of supported applications. There are only a couple of applications which are available for the iPhone, which include Moorente and Tales From The Minus Lab.

That’s Not It: Conclusion

If you would love to enjoy the Ek Box to its full potential, you can choose to buy a headband which costs another Rs. 69, but will let your hands free. The Ek Box by Boxight has great potential and the start-up has been doing a great job considering the engineering and the marketing part. They often have many offers running on their website, so keep checking to get the best price for the best affordable Virtual Reality kit.


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