Sony working on update to improve the UI of Xperia smartphones

Sony has a typical resonance with its almost trademark Candybar design and form factor but another one of its defining features other than its meticulously crafted hardware is its standard UI offering the Xperia UI. With more and more large smartphone players pushing for a customized interface which allows the users larger degrees of freedom to reorganize and edit his/her mobile user interface according to the aesthetic preferences as those features which define the ease of use of the Mobile OS.


Android being a highly customizable operating system which provides scope for customization at the user as well as the OEM end, has seen different smartphone manufacturers push their own skin or overhead UI which comes with built-in features and other features. In a move which is in sync with the current dynamics of user-mobile interactions, Sony, often considered a very conservative player has opened up the “Concept for Android” initiative which will initially involve 500 Swedish Xperia Z3 users which will allow Sony to test its new Android Lollipop 5.1 based interface which comprises of far lesser bloatware and other customizations on the part of Sony and is closer to the original concept of Android Lollipop as released by Google.

This initiative will allow Sony to receive bug reports and other feedback to improve the overall user experience before the UI is rolled out to the masses. The testing period starts on July 27, and runs until Sept. 13. Testers can then restore their Z3 back to its original software. This isn’t the first time Sony has beta tested software in Sweden where it also tested Android Lollipop on the Xperia Z2 and Z3 before wide market release.


This announcement marks a departure from the yesteryear philosophy where the Smartphone manufacturer controlled the user experience and is moving towards a more consumer centric model of smart devices which is essentially the spirit of mobile computing 8 years since the announcement of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs and promises to improve the already excellent array of options and features available to the consumer.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog


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