Sony launches 4K BRAVIA TVs powered by Android in India

A business which in general operates without much profit, one of the main players in this market Sony via Sony India introduced five new models to add to its 4K LED lineup and what the company claims to be the slimmest 4K LED TVs ever and the 4.9 mm display length form factor more than substantiates the claim.

This particular series of Television sets, will be fully integrated with Android 5.0 which will allow you to bridge the gap between your smart device and your TV even lets you download and user popular applications on your Television just the way you download and work or play games on a smartphone or a tablet just with the absence of a touchscreen . One of the primary challenges to integrating a smart OS into a TV set was the problem of providing an intuitive user input procedure as consumer do need want to spend too much time working around a user interface on a Television. Sony claims to have solved this problem and has come up with a system which helps increasing the ease of use and intuitive access provided to the end user.


A variety of apps from the Google Play Store can be directly accessed on television or via remote handsets or directly be linked to your google account and/or via an application on your respective smartphones. One of the main features which help this particular TV set stand out are the plethora of features which Sony has integrated into them namely the Notify BRAVIA which offers users access to the google voice search platform and which is crucial because moving forward most service will become voice based, and it nullifies the need for a separate remote control. Also a feature called SerialAbTak aimed at the housewives and other members of the Indian household alike will make sure you do not miss on your favorite TV shows and also notifications are provided as it already functions in a smartphone.

There are five models being launched which will have a display size of ranged from 43 inches to 75 inches. While four of the 13 models are already in market, the remaining would be launched in August. The TVs are slightly on the higher end starting at Rs 69,900 for a 43-inch model.


The Sony brand is one which already has a foothold in the arena of Televisions and also has been a constant source of innovation and a trademark of this technology has been its excellent display technology and endurance and the brand being an established one has wide availability and service centers and consumer satisfaction has always been great, so with current trends where people are switching to mobile devices such as laptops and tablets and the sale rates declining at a great pace, innovation and competitive pricing is the call of the day if the industry is to remain standing, and while they still remain an integral part of drawing rooms and houses across the world, the prominence is decreasing.

All in all the TVs look like a great buy and we expect the other brands like Samsung and LG to release their models of such televisions to keep the competition going.


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