Coolpad Dazen 1 Review: The Economical LTE Smartphone

The Indian smartphone market has come a long way. Gone are the times when people put their trust in limited array of manufacturers. Companies like Micromax, OnePlus, Xiaomi have really upped the game in the smartphone sector by providing quality devices at affordable devices. This brings us to the latest entrant in the Indian market, that is, CoolPad Dazen. Dazen has announced to smartphones for India known as CoolPad Dazen 1 and CoolPad Dazen X7. Now, the former is still waiting to hit the Indian market, the latter is now available for consumers to buy. This brings us to our latest review of Dazen’s entry level smartphone the CoolPad Dazen 1.

What’s in the Box

The phone comes with “almost” all the standard accessories such as the charger adapter, USB cable. The word almost has been used since the phone, for some weird reason (probably to bring the price down), doesn’t come with a set of earphones.


Dazen 1 is not really one of the best looking smartphones in this segment. If this phone was launched a couple of years back, it wouldn’t have matter much because of two reasons: 1. The competition was thin 2. All the phones in this price range had a generic design. But with the presence of smartphones like Micromax’s YU Yuphoria, Dazen really need to up its game when it comes to design.

The phone has a plastic body which is fine, considering its price. But what would really put you off is its dull design. The phone is not really handy to carry because of its slippery back cover. It doesn’t have any physical buttons on the front and the home touch-sensitive button would remind of you older Apple iPods. The only good thing about the phone’s design has to be its removable back cover within which you’d find the battery, micro SD card slot, and two sim slots.

Having said all of that, the phone’s buttons are within the reach of your hand. The placement of the buttons makes it easy to use the phone with one hand, only if you don’t drop it because of the slippery back. The 3.5 mm jack is located on the top whereas the Micro USB port can be found at the bottom. The power button and the volume rockers occupy the edges of the phone.


The phone houses a 5-inch HD display which is a standard market offering for entry-level smartphones. The phone does a fine job when it comes to watching videos, playing games or browsing webpages. Even working under the sun did not prove to be much of a hindrance.


The phone is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. Here are the benchmarks:

Benchmarking Application Score
AnTuTu 20231
Quadrant 11238
Nenamark 2 52.4 fps

What is impressive about the phone is that during the time I spent with it, I hardly noticed any lag of any sorts. It runs smoothly and Adreno 306 GPU can handle games like Asphalt 8 fairly well, but not to forget that the device’s temperature measured 38 degrees after 15 minutes of Asphalt 8 gameplay. In addition, the frame rates in the game did seem to drop at certain points, but the drop hardly seemed to bother. The phone has 8GB worth of internal storage and houses an external SD card slot as well, making sure you don’t have to be anxious for every time you put a movie or an album in your phone.


Dazen 1 comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. We really liked the front camera while clicking selfies outdoor. However, the rear camera produced somewhat washed out photos in a green scenery. The phone also features a Pro Mode which allows the user to adjust ISO settings and scenery settings. The mode worked fine for most of the parts however when we tried to click a picture outdoor focusing on a sun and a tree, the results were somehow bizarre. Kindly note, the pictures came out to be perfectly fine when Pro Mode is not being used.

The phone also did a nice job indoors, both with and without flash (depending on the lighting). Although just like outdoor photos, we did find the photos washed out. Coming on to the front camera, the extreme right photograph was clicked using the front camera in a dimly lit room. The results were mediocre.

Operating System and Features

Dazen 1’s sports a simple and vibrant UI. Some of the best features of its UI include option to switch between minimal mode and traditional mode ie, having the option of getting an app drawer. Another useful feature that I found was of the ability to record calls which is missing even in most of the flagship phones, right now.

The UI is lag free, however, it comes with a glitch. Whenever I insert a sim card in SIM slot 2, it appears in the phone as SIM 1. The biggest letdown of the phone has to be Android 4.4.4. We would have loved to see the phone running of Android Lollipop.

The phone comes up pre-loaded with a few apps such as WhatsApp, Snapdeal and Dazen’s own Coolstore which unsurprisingly doesn’t have any new apps to offer other than apps already available on the Play Store. You get a couple of options when it comes to wallpapers and themes. A whole new set of settings appear, such as WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Location, whenever you try to switch between apps.


Coming on the to the phone’s most impressive feature, its battery life. The phone’s 2500 mAh battery does a tremendous job. You can easily squeeze out a day and half from the phone, and that too at heavy usage. Normal usage would easily extend your phone’s life to two days or more. Dazen really hit a homerun with this phone when it comes to battery life.


Apart from its dull looks, Dazen seems to have to hit the right notes with this phone. An amazing battery life, lag-free UI, decent performance and an average camera makes Dazen a good competitor in the entry level segment. Also, the phone is LTE compatible which makes it future proof. If you think Dazen 1 is the phone for you, you can grab it exclusively from Snapdeal for ₹5,999.


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