Umi Zero 2 Teased with a Dual Display, similar to Yota Phone 2

Umi, a Chinese manufacturer, has started teasing its new smartphone, dubbed the Umi Zero 2. Not just teaser, even a smartphone release from a manufacturer like this gets unpublished, but this teaser had something worth mentioning, Dual-Display.

Just like the Yota Phone 2, the Umi Zero 2 will have a traditional smartphone screen, as well as what looks like an e-paper display on the back. Umi has released a teaser featuring the Umi Zero 2 on its back, as well as front, to show off both the displays with caption ‘Duplex Life’ and ‘The Best from Umi.’

The back of the phone features an e-paper display just under the rear camera. These types of screens are known for their amazing energy efficiency, elongating battery life up to days. Some of these even have image retention, allowing you to place a screen like a screen shot and let it retain like a screen shot even if power is turned off. Devices Kindle and Pebble have achieved great success in recent years, using this display technology.


It’s pretty much the same concept Russian smartphone maker Yota Devices came up with when making the YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2. These couple of smartphones were the first to bring us a good Android experience mixed with a secondary e-paper display. Though the device is late in the market with this technology, it may be boon for many as recent reports have suggested that Yota will be dropping Android support in favor of Sailfish OS. Also, I expect Umi Zero 2 to be priced much cheaper than the Yota Phone 2.

Other details are still unknown, but recent rumors suggest the phone will come with a Mediatek MT6752 processor, 3 GB of RAM, a 5.2-inch screen, 16 GB of internal storage, a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front-facing camera. These details mere rumors and speculations, hence we can’t really trust them. I am just glad that Android is finally moving in the right direction with dual-display and not in the way Samsung, Sony and LG subjected with the Galaxy Golden, Tablet P and Double Play.


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