Cyanogen teases it's Open Source Gello Browser

Cyanogen Inc. has teased a new Chromium web browser named Gello. Gello is said to bring lots of customisation to the table. Not a whole lot is known about the browser at the moment, but a few teaser images and a five minute silent demonstration video from Cyanogen Inc. team member, Joey Rizzoli have given us a glimpse at a few of the features so far.

Some of the most notable options include the option to save pages for offline reading, the ability to rename and alter the save location of downloads, night mode, immersive mode, power saver mode, moving between sites with an “edge swipe”, site-by-site privacy settings, including pop-up, microphone, and advertisement controls.


In his post, Rizzoli notes that Gello won’t be compatible with less powerful handsets with small system partitions. He also responded to some of the more cynical responses to Cyanogen’s recent announcements.“CyanogenMod Team does not hate Google, this is not a way to steal Google’s work (chromium is opensource), nor me (or any other CM team member) wants you remove Chrome from your device. You’ll always be free to choose to install your GApps package alongside with CyanogenMod.”

We don’t know when Gello is arriving but when it does, we are definitely going to let you know. For now, you can take a look at the video below.



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