Goodservice Android App Review: Get things done easily!

We’ve all been using personal assistant applications on our smartphones, be it Siri on the iPhone, Google Now on Android or Cortana or Windows Phone. But believe me or not, all these tools offer a very limited functionality. You might not be feeling the same now, but you’d definitely agree to this statement of mine in the next few minutes when I take you through this application called Goodservice.

This amazing service was started in the 2014 and the current team includes students and alumni from premier institutes (Stanford, IIT, IIM, BITS & DU) and diverse backgrounds. So what Goodservice does is, it accepts any form of requests that you make and give you all the possible suggestions and even executes the request for you. And by ‘any form’ I really mean it. Be it calling an electrician home for replacement of light bulbs, or a gardener to take care of the flowers at home or placing an order from your favorite restaurant – they’ll do everything for you. And the best part is that they’re available 247 – so time is never a barrier.


First of all you might be curious to know how the application understands and responds to your requests. To answer your question, the application combines the best of technology and human experience to find you the perfect options keeping in mind all your requirements and factors such as the costing, area where you reside. So what they really do is match your request, location, budget & schedule to find the most reliable and qualified service provider options. And to top it all, they have a dedicated personal Goodservice agent handling all your requests.

While we were trying out the application, we placed some requests for them and this is how they responded:

#1: Can you send me a list of electricians near my home? Need one for tomorrow.

Response: And as soon as this query was placed, I got the estimated charges of the electrician in a jiffy. Then all I did was listed the purpose, and then told them the time I needed the electrician at with my home address and I saw a pop-up notification in the “My Requests” section showing me all the details of the concerned person and what I liked the most was that the agent who was in touch with me, will follow up with the electrician and give me an update one hour prior to the scheduled time.

Highlights: Stress free booking, No language barrier

#2: Could you please book a show for tomorrow? Wanted to watch ABCD 2 with a friend of mine. 

Response: The personal agent responded the query perfectly, asking relevant details such as the part of the day when I wanted to watch the movie and sent me two possible shows details (along with the timing, the price and the seat availability). And before confirming the tickets, I was sent an image of the seats layout and that changed my mind. So I asked them to shift my seats to the second row from the last. And that’s what they did, I was given an option for COD or an online payment. And when I completed the payment online, they confirmed it and promised to get the tickets delievered by 10:00 am in the morning, which was like 2.5 hours prior to the show.

Highlights: Hassel free bookings, Availability of COD


#3: I need to buy OnePlus One. Can you send me the prices the several eCommerce websites are offering?

Response: On placing a request for pricing of the OnePlus One, I was amazed to see how aware my personal agent was about the device. He immediately threw a question for me, which ask me about the device I’d like to go for – a 16GB White version of the 64GB Black Variant. On my confirmation for the 64GB variant, what waited for me was an image and the link to amazon india. They also gave me an option to place an order from Flipkart, where it was tagged at the same price. And then I told them to send me the device through payment on COD.

Highlights: Stress free booking, Availibity of payment options

#4: Can you place an order for an After Shaving Lotion? I have the image of the desired lotion.

Response: This time I planned on sending them a picture of the article that I required than typing out all the details of it. And how the handled the request was amazing! They translated all the information from my image and then reverted back with the details of a local store. Since it was not possible for me to go out and buy the lotion, I asked them to deliver it me before 10 am. And they placed a request for me, to get the lotion delivered at 9:30 in the morning at an additional delivery cost of Rs. 50!

What I really loved about this application was the personal touch it offered, which definitely made me more comfortable. Another thing which you should note is, how the team on the other side takes the time as a factor into consideration. They are always placing the delivery some time prior to your requested time, to make up for any sort of delay in the process.

In case you want to try out this cool application, Android users can download it from the Play Store and the sad part is, the iOS users will have to wait for a while, since the Goodservice application is getting ready for them! For now, the iOS users can enjoy the service by sending a text to 9696-444-444 through WhatsApp.

Do let us know your reviews on the application through the comments below.



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