Canonical Releases the Meizu MX4: Specifications and Price

Canonical the company behind Ubuntu the Linux Operating system has picked up a pace, and is on a roll. After the second Ubuntu phone the BQ Aquaris E5 2 days ago, it announced its 3rd smartphone, the Meizu MX4, manufactured by the Chinese smartphone company, Meizu.

The phone is aesthetically similar to the MX4 which runs Android in China, will be available Invite only via Meizu’s English-language website. People wishing to get lucky and interested for in buying the phone will have to click on “an interactive origami wall” to retrieve information about the phone, with each visit to the wall also revealing “a certain amount of daily invites” to buy the device. This can be repeated until one gets an invite.


The phone has a plethora of really brilliant specifications with a 5.4 inch display with a 5:3 aspect ratio which is quite uncommon in regular smartphones, it contains a 2.2 GHz octa-core MediaTek 6595 processor supported by 2GB of RAM. It has a heavily featured 20.7 MP rear shooter with features such as Super High ISO, dual colour flash, fast focus and 4K recording and a 2 MP front camera capable of 1080p selfie shots.

The storage offered might be a deal-breaker for potential adopters because it has 16 GB Internal storage with no option for expandable storage. It comes with a monster 3100 mAh battery with energy saving features built in. The phone will be sold for EUR 299 from 25 June, 2015. It is a significant step up from the previous smartphone offerings of Canonical and is potentially heading towards a grand success, it is not possible to get your hands on one of the phones directly and the future plans for the sale of this device is unclear, maybe the makers of Ubuntu do not want to make a plethora of devices available which may affect the sales of one another.


It is a brilliant offering at the price, and the similar phone was supposedly buggy and slow which will be addressed by the new operating system which uses a unique method to substitute the applications via the use of Scopes which can be used to provide information such as the E-Mail Scope, Music and Sports Scope etc. It uses several gestures to handle the navigation easily and also its app store contains all the popular applications and is expanding.

As the pace picks up, we have a clearer notion of how Canonical expects to push the Operating system moving forward but with initial releases in Europe only, its only a matter of time they try to tap the potentially attractive markets of China and India and South American Countries.


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