Nokia to comeback into Smartphone market in 2016

Finnish Major Nokia has finally shed some light on its smartphone plans going forward. Over the past year, the CEO Rajeev Suri kept denying rumors that an Android based smartphone is in the making, but finally in an interview to the German Magazine “Magazin” he was quoted as saying that they are considering a return to the smartphone market. The Mobile phone market was where Nokia was the world leader in phones and in communications network for quite a significant period of time and released several revolutionary phones such as the Nokia E7 and the Nokia Pureview 808. Following  the deal between the Finnish manufacturer and Microsoft which does not permit Nokia to sell or manufacture goods under its own brand name is seen as a hurdle to their revival plans, this aspect of the deal will expire in 2016, which is when we can expect the next smartphone from the company.

Following the release of the N1 tablet which Nokia made in collaboration with Foxconn which was quite a brilliant tablet which ran on Android Lollipop 5.0 as its base OS suggested that the part of Nokia, which wasn’t sold to Microsoft Inc., in a 7.2 Billion USD deal, by which it acquired Nokia’s Mobile Handset division is expectantly ready to make and sell smartphones in collaboration with other manufacturers coming 2016, under the Nokia banner and is expected to follow a strategy which involves a move to Google’s Android OS, if recent trends are to taken into account given the response to the Nokia X and N1 tablet. The brand is still strong in many parts of Asia and in other developing countries where it was extremely popular but has since lost out due to its inability to keep up with the pace of innovation of its competitors like Apple and Samsung, which led to a loss of market share and a year of loss which eventually led to its buyout by Microsoft.


Rajeev Suri in his statement “We will look for suitable partners, Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license” reiterates the spirit under which the organization is currently functioning with its recent Alcatel-Lucent deal, which strengthened its Networking Equipment business which has been one of the primary assets of the company.

Moving forward, this might signal the demise of Microsoft’s mobile computing aspirations given the fact that it hasn’t benefited from the Nokia acquisition and has a very diminished share in the world smartphone mobileOS scenario. Also, this announcement comes after the previous CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop who has been asked to leave as the new restructuring process takes place in Microsoft.


All in all, any news of Nokia with whom the words “Quality” and “Longevity” have been long been associated releasing a new handset is always an exciting proposition which will surely excite fans and the people who have since drifted to other smartphone companies but would still return to the familiar Nokia font on their phones.


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