All you need to know about Oculus' Pre-E3 Event

Facebook and Oculus have officially unveiled the Rift virtual reality headset, three years after a prototype made its public debut.  Not being a gaming fanatic, I really can’t discuss the gaming pros and cons of the new headset. These are just the highlight’s of Oculus’ E3 gaming event and why, probably, it is the greatest happening of the year.

The event kicked off with some pretty strongly worded statements like “

this is the beginning of VR gaming” and “we have been waiting for this for over a decade.” The first thing they showed off was, of course, the Oculus Rift. The new Oculus Rift seems more consumer-ready product than its predecessor did with its light-weight, more adjustable design and detachable headphones.


After almost wrapping up, Oculus seemed to have used Apple’s tagline of ‘One more thing.’ They also announced new prototype controllers, dubbed the Oculus Touch. The new handheld controllers will work with Microsoft’s console and enable gamers to carry out a variety of virtual tasks within a game. Oculus Touch can be used for life tasks such as picking up a gun, shooting an arrow and interactions like pointing and waving. “Oculus Touch will deliver hand presence and sense of feeling so that your virtual hands are your real hands.” As well as analogue controls, the new controllers feature haptic feedback, to provide the right feel to right view. Oculus Touch is lightweight and ergonomic as well as easy to get in and out off. Since Oculus Touch is a prototype, the Oculus Rift headset will ship with a standard Xbox controller when it goes on sale next year, with the new Touch controller available separately.


When you first put on Rift, you are straight gonna drop into Oculus Home. Oculus Home is the Hub to all your VR games and apps. You can just start a game or check the top games others are playing through Oculus Home. “Home is your portal to everything Oculus.”  Also, you will get a VR demo of  a new game you view on Oculus Home, rather than a lame video to help you better decide whether you ant to purchase a game or not. Facebook owned, Oculus also announced that it’s working with a number of developers to produce ‘Made for Oculus Rift’ games with confirmed titles including VR Sports Challenge, Gunfire Games, Chronos and the flagship Eve Valkyrie – an Elite style space-based shooter. Oculus also announced that they will be investing more than 10 million US dollars in accelerating independent game development.

Today we announced more details about the Oculus Rift, our virtual reality platform that’s coming in early 2016.For…
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Though the product looks and was unfinished, there was nothing much Oculus could do. Oculus couldn’t have waited another year, given that the original Oculus Rift was funded on Kickstarter in 2012 and the launch of HTC Vive VR is imminent. Oculus has certainly come a long way but has a lot still left. You will be able to get your Rift in the first quarter of 2016, but, the price of the headset isn’t yet disclosed.


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