9 iOS 9 Features You'd Love to Use

The infamous WWDC 2015 kicked off yesterday, with a spectacular keynote. The keynote brought us everything we expected from a developer conference. As reckoned, we saw the next installment to the OS X, the OS X El Capitan, Apple Music and of course the iOS 9. We all saw the all the Apple News app and Apple Maps for transit, either of which is not available in India as yet. So, in no particular order, this is our countdown to top 9 iOS 9 features.

iPad Multitasking


There are several iPad-specific updates in iOS 9.  There’s a great new app switcher interface, and then the “slide over” feature allows users to slide new apps onto the screen, and “split view” allows users to display multiple apps on the screen and the same time and work in both. There’s also a fantastic picture-in-picture feature that lets you display a thumbnail of a video on top of whatever app you’re in. These features are limited to the iPad, but we think they’re going to be really popular when they hit. Windows, already allows you to easily run two apps side-by-side. That functionality is finally coming to the iPad with Split View for iOS 9.

Low Power Mode


This new feature will extend battery life by up to three hours when enabled. It’s similar to offerings from Samsung and HTC, but not quite as extreme. It does limit some functionality, but all core features are still acceptable. Using ambient light and proximity sensors, your iPhone now knows when it’s facedown on a table and will not turn the screen on, even when a Notification is received. Other enhancements add an additional 1 hour of battery life to the iPhone with iOS 9, and there’s a new Low Power Mode that increases battery life another three hours.

Smarter Siri

Siri used to be smart, but she’s pretty dumb now if you compare her to Google Now or Cortana. That looks to change in iOS 9, when Siri will hit the books and gain some additional knowledge. You’ll be able to say things like “Show me pictures from last July,” or “Remind me to feed the birds when I get home.” Most of these additions look like the new Now on Tap announced at Google I/O 2015 with Android M.

Transit Maps

Apple launched its own mapping app in iOS 6, and it’s fair to say that the effort badly missed the mark. The ensuing three years have only seen incremental updates to iOS’s Maps app, mostly aimed at correcting the mistakes of the past. iOS 9 will mark Apple’s first major overhaul to its mapping tool since that misstep, with the focus this time on adding public transit information. This feature will be introduced for some cities around the world. Sadly, there is no Indian town on that list as yet.

News App

Apple is counting on you getting more value out of iOS 9’s News app than you might with hide-them-in-a-folder-and-forget-about-them offerings like Stocks and Tips. News delivers specialized content from media companies, with interactive features, embedded photos and videos and other bells and whistles aimed at delivering a customized, feature-rich news reader. First-time launch asks your tastes and interests and the news articles follow as per that. Again, there is no details about release date of News App in India yet.

New Notes App

Apple introduced a new Notes app with better image support and sketching, but there’s also a new “Recently deleted” list that lets you recover content that’s been accidentally deleted. New Notes app will let you make checklists, capture more information like Photos, Maps, WepbPage and will bring richer texts.


Wallet apps have largely failed in the past, but maybe Apple can finally change that. Apple said it’s going to officially change the name of Passbook to Wallet, where you’ll find your Apple Pay cards, new loyalty cards supported by Apple Pay and, of course, your concert tickets, boarding passes and more. In iOS 9, you’ll be able to double tap the home button to bring up Wallet and use Apple Pay for payments, too. And with those Reward cards in your Wallet, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay automatically with cards from leading brands. Though Apple has expanded its Apple Pay service to UK, again, there is no details about release of Pay and Wallet apps in India yet.

The Tidbits


It wasn’t mentioned during the keynote, but there’s a new optional iCloud Drive app on iOS that can be turned on in the Settings menu. The app lets you access files stored in iCloud Drive. Also, the Keyboard changes, the shift function has been altered once again, making it easier to determine when it’s activated and when caps lock is turned on. With shift pressed, all letters on the keyboard are now shown in upper case. There are added Battery settings, to go along with all the new battery features, there’s a new dedicated “Battery” section in the settings app, where Low Power Mode can be turned on. It also displays more detailed battery usage information that can be sorted by apps using the most and the least amount of power. New Passcode, when setting a Passcode, the default option requires you to enter a 6-digit passcode instead of a 4-digit passcode. There’s still an option to choose a 4-digit passcode when you click “Passcode Options” when changing your passcode. With configurable Side Switch there’s now an option on iPhone to use the side switch for Lock Rotation or Mute. Previously this option was limited to the iPad. With Settings Search, there’s a new search bar in the Settings app that lets you quickly locate a specific setting.

One More Thing..  Proactive Assistant

Apple’s new Proactive Assistant feature in iOS 9 will make recommendations based on your actions. If you typically wake up and open the TOI app for example, it might recommend that app each day when you wake up. Apple also said it will recognize if you plug in your headphones, and will start playing back a podcast you started earlier, or will begin playing a playlist that you usually listen to when you get in the car. This smart functionality extends everywhere — so recommendations can be made while you’re typing emails, adding events to the calendar and more. Also, it can consider traffic patterns and alert you when you might want to leave for a meeting to beat traffic, a feature that’s already available from Google Now.



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