HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Kingston is a well know brand in terms of computer components around the globe, and HyperX is a sub-brand for its gaming products competing directly with names like SteelSeries, Astro, Razer. Although HyperX is still not a popular name in the gaming industry, the HyperX Cloud is a great headset at a great price. Kingston made no compromise with the look and feel of the headsets while keeping the price low, mastering the basic right. HyperX Cloud is a headset made in collaboration with Qpad, a well known gaming brand.

Packaging and box contents

Although packaging and in-box contents is one thing often ignored for such a product, but it is something not to be missed here. The box itself is pretty sturdy and well foamed around the headset. For such a price, the packaging is very well done. The box contains an extension cable, which is surprisingly not graded, an airline adapter, an inline control hub, an extra pair of earcups, a carry case and of course the headset with detachable mic. The accessories included are pretty good. The inline control hub has a volume rocker, mic on/off switch and a button. The carry case is pretty good and also includes a small pocket to carry the accessories or other items with it. It is really a plus that Kingston has included a detachable mic in the headset. The contents of the box are pretty good for an avid gamer, be it the pros who travel across the globe for events or just a hobbyist.

Build Quality and Sound

Talking about the headset itself, the build and sound quality of the headset is pretty good. The headset itself is made of a solid aluminium frame with rubberized plastic top, which is exceptionally good at this price. Its velour cups cradle ears without pinching, and the faux-leather headband rests neatly pretty well on the head. The earcups are very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The sound quality is very good, and the headset is well capable of suppressing nearby sounds. The headset has made no compromise with the sound quality with 53mm driver units and 60 Ohms impedance. The sound wasn’t distorted even in high volume multi beats situation and had a great bass response. The mics comes with a cushion to prevent air gaps but it isn’t that good. Although, it’s good for conversations within games. The headset weighs only 349g which is very lightweight for such a headset.

Away from Gaming

Moving away from gaming part of the headset, they are good for music and movies as well. I listened to a variety of different genres and the response from the headset was amazing, be it the bass or treble. I tried almost every type of track with varying quality as well. I didn’t saw any kind of distortion in the audio, but the headset surely takes the back on staging. Every kind of audio was staged equally, which is not very good in terms of music. The voice on the headset was clear with no humming which is often seen in similar headsets.


The HyperX Cloud is the first headset from Kingston in the gaming space, and Kingston has surely made it a worthy one with the design collaboration with Qpad and the amazing sound quality. The headset is comfortable, has amazing sound quality and a worthy price. One thing I didn’t like about it is the wire clutter it includes, the wires are really long for normal day-to-day usage while the primary cord is good for close gaming. I would give it a 8.510 for it’s amazing capabilities at this price.


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