Lenovo Cast, the Google Chromecast Competitor for $49 Launched

Not content to let Google, Amazon, and Roku have all the media-streaming fun, Lenovo has unveiled its own device for beaming photos and video from your smartphone to your television, the Lenovo Cast. Like Google’s Chromecast, Lenovo Cast connects to your TV over HDMI and serves as a quick way to beam content like photos and videos from your phone to the bigger screen. Unlike the tiny Chromecast, though, it takes a more traditional puck form factor along the lines of the Apple TV. The palm-sized hockey puck-shaped device will be going against the $35 Google Chromecast for $49 casting device will be available worldwide starting August.



Like its competitors, Lenovo Cast connects to your television via HDMI and connects to your Wi-Fi network to allow you to send content from your phone to the larger screen. The Lenovo Cast supports dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi network bands (but not 802.11ac), which gives a range of roughly 20 metres and mirrors content from mobile devices to TV screens in 1080p resolution. The device features a single Micro-USB port, HDMI 1.m, a Micro-HDMI port, and HDCP 2.0. It has a diameter of 70mm, a height of 15mm, and weighs 50 grams. Apart from being able to stream media, the device also lets users easily mirror their smartphone’s display on the connected television.

Rather than using proprietary tech like the Chromecast, Lenovo Cast relies on the Wi-Fi alliance’s Miracast standard and DLNA, both of which are supported by most modern Android devices. Lenovo claims the signal should travel over 20 meters and through two walls. The Lenovo Cast will be available worldwide in August for $49.


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