Android M announced at Google I/O 2015; 5 New Features

There’s always a surprise for the Android Fans at Google’s annual event, the Google I/O. At the Google I/O 2015, held in San Francisco Google updates its Android platform and introduced several features that value to its users. While the name still remains a mystery for many, and there have been several guesses like Milkshake, Muffin, Marsh mellow, Milky Way, or maybe the famous Indian sweet, Malpua. The update might now have been that major as it was with the Lollipop update, but it definitely offers a lot of exciting features. The Developers’ Preview of Android M will be available for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Play users. Here are the five features that I liked the most.

1. The Updated Google Now

The new Google Now will be intelligent and smarter in comparison to that of the existing one. The information that comes up on Google Now in the form of cards will be so much more relevant to the type of content which is consumed by the user. For example, during the demo shown at the Google I/O, an email which contained some information about ‘Tomorrowland’ was opened and then it was immediately switched with the Google Now. The information carried by the application was closely related to the movie, like trailer videos, case and the IMDb rating. This shows how Google now spends time in understanding and showing the most relevant information.

2. Fingerprint Support and Android Pay


The good news it that Google has now announced its support for the fingerprint sensors. The developers can now take this forward and integrate this new feature in their applications. One interesting utility of the fingerprint is the payment method. With the introduction of Android Pay, users can safely pay with the help of fingerprint over NFC – which means the transaction will be much safer and confidential. Additionally, Google will generate a virtual account number for every user which will be involved in the transaction instead of the real account number. To be a success, Google has approached outlets like McDonalds and Subway.

3. Limit the Access to Applications

On Android versions earlier to the M update, you couldn’t really do much when it comes to granting access to the application (indirectly the developer). Since you have granted some good amount of permissions to the application, you cannot really go back until you uninstall the application and the information extracted from your device are used to serve you with advertisements and many times the data is sold off. With the Android M update, users will be given an option to go back and make sure that the developer does not have the access to anything which is not required by the application. This will definitely make you data secure and you’ll end up getting less spam emails.

4. Now get most of your Battery


Android smartphones are generally associated with draining a lot of battery, even when the phone is not in use. When checked, we notice the primary reason for drainage of battery to be System Processes and Background Tasks. Google has definitely worked upon this and made a few tweaks to get the most of the battery that comes bundled with your smartphone. At the keynote, Google announced its new feature which they called ‘Doze’. With Doze smartphones can almost double up the stand-by time, Google claims. What Doze does is that it pauses the background applications and the tasks that tend to drain a lot of battery while the phone is not is use. The tasks will resume as soon as the phone is active or is plugged into charging.

5. Offline Mode

This is definitely a feature that is meant to impress people, especially in growing countries like India. Google recently announced the availability of videos on an offline mode, on YouTube. But at the Google I/O 2015, they had some bigger announcements. Google Maps and Google Chrome will now offer an offline support for its content. With Maps, you will now be able to take an advantage of turn-by-turn navigation while not connected to the internet and Google Chrome will offer a option for users to read content offline.

These are certainly great improvements that come with the Android M update. But there are definitely more cool features that were announced that the Google’s annual keynote, Google I/O 2015 like improved volume controls and the direct share. Do let us know which feature you loved the most through the comments below.


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