Travel cheaper via Taxi services in India

We often don’t prefer to take public transport systems such as buses and Metro because they are cumbersome and overly crowded. Taxis are often far away from that, but cost more at the same time. But that’s now changing with time. With increasing competition in the public travel segment in India, companies are bringing great offers and lowering the prices to compete with each other and conquer the segment.

You might have heard about many websites and apps that provide taxi service with just a few clicks and taps like Uber, Ola and Taxi For Sure. This kind of service benefits the customer in multiple ways and often saves money in comparison to similar travel via other means. The web based services often tend to have a much clearer pricing scheme and the customer knows about it beforehand.

If you go to your nearest taxi stand and hire a taxi, you don’t know what the real fare charges are. These taxis also have some tricky meters to charge you more. Also, these taxis don’t come equipped with modern facilities like GPS and many times you have to tell directions to the drivers. But in online taxi kind service this scenario gets changed. It becomes hard for a driver to charge you more because they don’t control the fare at all. In fact the fare charges are listed on the company’s portfolio for more transparency. Taxis operated by these kinds of services are equipped with all the modern facilities to serve you better. The pricing by these companies are often far better than the local ones too.

With competition among the companies that run these types of services has resulted in introduction of discount systems. If you are familiar with coupon system which is used on popular shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart then then it will become easier to understand it here also. Let’s take an example of offers on Taxi For Sure. Say, you have a coupon code for 10% discount from and now need to hire a taxi. You go to the website of this service provider and fill the details. In the consequent stages you will be asked to put the coupon code if you have. Once, you enter the 10% discount will be applied to the service. The ride you take up next will have a 10% discount code applies, without any hassle or bargaining with the driver. It is as easy as everything.

Moreover, these companies including Uber, Ola and Taxi For Sure also distributes free ride coupon codes. You just have to wander a little more on the coupon distributing websites. This can prove to be a little hard part as these coupons are not easy to get. However, a recommendation is that whenever you purchase anything online, try to purchase from the websites that provide coupons.

So, enjoy discounted rides and hope to be lucky enough that you find a free ride coupon. Share the best ones in the comments section for people to know!


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