Android M with Android For Work Coming at Google IO?

I/O has been the yearly event where Google showcases its road map for all of its products and services. The 2014 I/O was the first such event where Google released a preview for its operating system called Android L. Sticking to the tradition of launching the next version of Android In November, Android L went on to become Android Lollipop.

Every year thousands of developers & enthusiasts attend the event and Google puts the entire event schedule online. Google did the same every year but this time there was one tiny hint that popped up in one of the schedules – Android M. One of the schedules for May 28th clearly mentions Android M with the title reading Android for Work Update. This might be Google’s attempt to make Android for enterprise just like Blackberry did back in the days. Android OS is highly flexible and as stated in the description should help a number of businesses regardless of the size or nature of work. Blackberry has been helping Google to improve the security on Android devices. With improved security we do not see why organizations will shy away from adopting Android for work.

If the news turns out to be true it’ll be a little surprising to see an Android M release while Android Lollipop is still struggling to grow. Lollipop was a major design overhaul for the operating system and has only managed to make it way through to 10% of Android device worldwide. If we take into account the newer 5.1 update then the percentage is even lower. A new system update might seem interesting but what does it have in store for a regular user? As of now this is unknown. Another question that pops up is what would Android M be called? Marshmallow or Muffin maybe? Let us know in comments what you think.

Google acknowledged the Ladoo initiative last year, so can we expect the next version of Android to be named after an Indian sweet?


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