The TRAI Paper on OTT Services and Net Neutrality – Responded!

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”) had on March 27, 2015 issued a consultation paper for proposed regulations on Over-The-Top (“OTT”) services and net neutrality. By this paper the TRAI invited comments from the public, including the stakeholders on issues concerning the OTT services and net neutrality. An earlier post broadly setting-out the issues for consideration can be accessed here.

Till the last date for submission of the responses (April 24, 2015), the TRAI had received over 1 million responses. The public came in large numbers to respond to the issues, apart from the telecom and internet service providers, telecom industry associations (like the COAI), OTT service providers and other stakeholders.

The TRAI’s recommendations and the Government decision would be a much awaited one, as effectually it would lay the foundation and regulations for the internet and OTT industry in the country.

The TRAI has published the responses received on its website. The TRAI has segregated the responses under three heads, first the ‘Comments from the Service Providers’, second the ‘Comments from the Service Providers’ Association’, and last the ‘Comments from other Stakeholders’, which included the public, tech organisations and start-ups, consulting organisations and other internet advocates. However, in its attempt to share the responses and make them public, the TRAI also shared over a million email addresses openly on its website. So, if you are one who submitted a response to the TRAI, your email it is public now!

The authors of ‘The Local Loop – A Technology, Media & Telecom Law Resource’ also submitted their views to the TRAI issues raised in consultation paper. The response submitted to the TRAI can be viewed here.


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