The Best of LG G4

With a much-teased event in New York, this week, LG has made its 2015 official, the LG G4. Though the South Korean giant has not pioneered in sales in last couple of years, is still one of the most valuable members of the community. Since the very beginning of the event, LG focused on the unanimity all phones are coming into, and that, they are going to change it. We aren’t sure that they changed something, buy they surely ameliorated it. This is our countdown to the best of the LG’s all new G4.

The Display

Like its heritage, LG G4 features one of the best displays available in the market. LG G4 boasts a massive 5.5-inch Quad HD (2560×1440) display just like the last year’s LG G3 but the big difference this year is the new Quantum Display. Just to break it down, Quantum or Quantum Dot Display is a layer of tiny crystals, that breakdown the backlight and produce a richer white light for a better image. LG claims that the display has 20% better color gamut, is 25% brighter and 50% better saturation over the competition. Though, some companies ay that a high PPI is just a gimmick, but you know a better display when you see it.

The Camera

The LG G4 features a 16-megapixel sensor with a wide aperture of F 1.8, thus making it probably the widest in the market on any SmartPhone. This will not only provide some very good low-light performance, but also a great looking depth of field. With this, you get a 3-axis OIS(Optical Image Stabilisation). LG also claims that this is theWorld’s First Smartphone to feature a Color Spectrum Sensor that provides a better white balance. To empower the photographer inside you, the LG G4 features a Manual Mode with some the previously unseen features like Saving Raw Image. We now have an 8-megapixel front facing camera and improved gesture shot feature. The camera is also very fast, on double pressing the back power button twice, you not only launch the camera, but also take a picture in 0.6 seconds.

The Battery and Expandable Storage

The endangered comfort of battery swapping is just sliding away from our life, but LG is still giving support for removable battery. Though available, you might not have to swap the battery because the LG G4 features a 3000mAh battery. At the same time, it is sad to see a 2015 flagship without integrated wireless charging. With batteries, some of the manufacturers are also putting an end to expandable storage. Expandable storage is something yo will definitely have to use on LG G4 because it will be made available only in a 32GB variant. The LG G4 is expandable upt0 256GB, which is essentially more than some ultrabooks.

The Back

Along with the plastic and ceramic back cover options, you now have leather as well. Unlike Samsung, LG meant real leather. These are vegetable tanned leather, which will provide a much more premium and elegant look and feel to the phone.

Will these features turn out to be as good as they sound, is yet to be seen. But for now, it is nice to be excited about some of the enhancement this phone brings ton the industry. We aren’t yet sure of the pricing of the phone, or, how much more will the leather backing cost, but it’s surely a phone worth of its name.


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