What is Google's Project Fi? We'll Help You Understand!

The Internet giant, Google yesterday introduced its next big thing called the Project Fi. Launched in close partnership with leading carriers like T-Mobiles and Sprint, the Project Fi is aimed to provide cheap internet to its users with various other features. Google’s aim remains transparent, that is, giving the best quality internet for your smartphones are the cheapest possible price.

What exactly is the Project Fi?

Project Fi is Google’s latest addition to its large list of services. With Project Fi, Google will provide you the most stable internet available in your area. As you move, the connection gradually differs and in the case of bad signals, it will switch the provider (since it is working with various carrier companies) or the type of connection you are currently using. Let’s assume that you are on your way back from your office and you have been using a 3G connection throughout the way. As soon as you enter, your phone will automatically switch from cellular network (3G) to your home WiFi network (in the case of better connectivity and higher speed). It is up to Google to decide with its algorithms which network to use, keeping user’s usage in consideration.


“Introducing Project Fi, a program to explore this opportunity by introducing new ideas through a fast and easy wireless experience. Similar to our Nexus hardware program, Project Fi enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

How do I use Project Fi?

To start with, the Project Fi will be only available only to the Nexus 6 users and will follow the other smartphones later. For the lucky users who own Google’s Nexus 6 can use the unique SIM to get started.

What will I have to pay? What difference will it make to my current bill?

Google’s approach to the rental system is absolutely different in comparison to the mainstream plans. It has promised to charge the same in all 120+ countries, where the Project Fi will be available. And as far as the rental goes, it is as low as $20 per month with which you’ll get Unlimited domestic talk and text, Unlimited international texts and Low-cost international calls. In addition, every gigabyte of the internet you take will be charged at $10 per gigabyte. So, let’s say you choose to take 1 gigabyte of internet for a month. As per Google, your bill will be reduced by 25 to 40 percent, adding up to a total of just $30 a month (plus taxes and fees).


What’s even better is that you don’t have to pay ant sort of annual rental to continue using the service. In addition, Google won’t let you pay for your unused data. That means, whatever amount of data is left in your account at the end of the month, will be refunded back! Going back to the same example, let’s say you only use 0.8 gigabytes, and 0.2 gigabytes still remain. So all you’ll have to pay is $28 ($20 + $8).

Coming to the calls, there will be partiality – no matter where you live, you will be charged 20¢ per minute, while national text messages remain free.

Join the Program

To get an early access to Project Fi, make sure you sign up here. The registration is absolutely free and you will be asked to enter your ZIP code. By asking the ZIP code, Google makes sure that their Project Fi is ready to enter your area or not. If you’re lucky enough to be living in one of those 120+ countries (currently available in US only), you will be added to the list.


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