Top 5 features of the Gionee Elife S7

Last week, Gionee hosted an event in Hyderabad, India for the celebration of it’s success in India as well as the launch of the Elife S7. Gionee announced that it saw 550% growth in sales in the last fiscal year, also said that they are aiming for 100% growth in this fiscal year. Gionee has launched quite a few devices in India previously, but this seems to be the biggest till date. Followed by all the marketing figures and some jokes, Gionee finally unveiled it’s new flagship, the Elife S7. Here are the top 5 features we find exciting in the Elife S7.


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5. The U-shaped Skeleton

The Gionee Elife S7 features a slim U-shaped skeleton at just 5.5mm thin which is reinforced by two parallel metal lines making it quite difficult to bent, and the camera doesn’t protrudes like the iPhone 6. Gionee claims to use something called Polar cooling, which will keep the device and all the cores cool even while doing most of the hardcore and stressful job.

4. The Camera

The camera module on this Gionee S7 is the world’s slimmest 13 megapixel sensor, and it doesn’t protrudes. During the live keynote, Gionee was constantly trying to make big note of it, as how other smartphone cameras protrudes out making them much more prone to damage. Now the camera on Gionee Elife S7 is a Sony IMX214 CMOS Camera which is capable of taking some really good quality images. Gionee has developed their own image processing engine called the Image+ which is supposed to take some stunning high quality images with easier user experience.

3. The Speakers and Audio Engine

Audio plays a major role in overall user experience, and a lot of times it gets ignored by most of the smartphone manufacturers, where they put a crappy speakers with some decent hardware, but Gionee has taken care of it very well. The Gionee Elife S7 has some serious audio enhancements going on, powering it to deliver what I call one of the best sounding smartphone audio. Well you can put it right under HTC’s BoomSound for perspective.

2. The Theming Engine


Talking about the software, the phone runs a skinned version of Android called the ‘Amigo UI’. It features a theme builder named Chameleon which is one of the thing that not a lot of people will use it for quite often, but whenever they do they will just love it. Now what chameleon does is, when you point your smartphone camera to a particular object, it picks up the colors from the subject and the surroundings and creates a new theme based on that. This is such a great innovation, which is quite easy to think of, but nobody really did it.

1. Extreme Power Saving Mode

The device also comes with an extreme power saving mode. With just 10% of remaining battery, the Elife S7 can run for 33 hours on extreme power saving mode. Literally over a day on just 10% charge. It is quite a big game changer on itself.

The device will be available in the market with a price tag of Rs. 24,999, which really justifies all what it is. Gionee is taking great focus on the Indian market now, which is good for healthy competition. We collaborated with Sudipto Chakraborty from TekhSquare for this article, make sure you check out his video, we’re sure that you’ll love it.


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