[UPDATED] Here are all the April Fools' Pranks for 2015

We’ll keep updating the post to let you know about the latest pranks from the tech giants! Keep checking back!

Every time, this time of the year, all the tech giants announce products which are never intended to be there for real. Most of them are hilarious and clearly not possible, but surely gives us a good laugh (and sometimes fun). We had some great ones like Google Maps Pokemon last time, which actually got so popular that Google extended it for another week.

We’re just getting ready to welcome the April Fools’ pranks this year.

1. Google Maps

Google, as usual, is on the roll and jumping on the wagon the earliest. Google just updated their Google Maps blog announcing Pac-Man inside the streets on Google Maps!

The same is also available on Google Maps for Android as well as iOS.

Update: The same is present inside Ingress also.

2. Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung too has jumped into the game announcing the Galaxy Blade Edge which features a glass-like phone with a foldable handle, ergonomic and ceramic, has a diamond edge, is waterproof (while the S6 and S6 Edge are not), and even has a stylus which doubles as a thermometer! Now, that’s a Chef’s dream!

How could we forget the spec-sheet?

3. Amazon Dashboard Button

Update: We confirmed it, it’s not a prank. Amazon Dash is a real service and will be rolling out to a select number of Prime customers soon.

Amazon too couldn’t resist jumping on, and announced the Amazon Dash Button which allows one-click ordering for several products.

4. Uber Supercars

This time, we have a new contender. Uber announced #UberSuperCars in India as a part of it’s April Fools’ prank. It features a free ride in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

5. Google’s #ChromeSelfie

Chrome is now showing a new option named “Share a reaction”, which takes a screenshot of the page as well as a picture of you using the front camera and allows you to share your “reaction”.

You can find more selfies using the #ChromeSelfie hashtag on Google+.

6. Ola Air

Ola, an Indian competitor to Uber, announced Ola Air, which allows you to take a helicopter ride. It even features door-to-door pickup for people with private helipads!

7. Smartbox by Inbox

Inbox by Google introduced a new product, which fuses physical mail with your digital mail.

[ft_video ratio=”16:9″ url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hydLZJXG3Tk”]

8. Google Panda

Because, Pandas.

[ft_video ratio=”16:9″ url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI9Qb4PuiOU”]

9. Google Spam

Now, that’s a service which will show you the most popular spam sent to Gmail users, directly in your inbox!

10. Microsoft Surface Watch

Well, a smartwatch from Microsoft!

We’ll keep you posted on the latest ones, so keep checking back! Do let us know if you find something!


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