Kinivo BTX270 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: Review

Kinivo with its right Research and Development has always succeeded in creating powerful speakers, keeping the portability factor and functionality in their mind. The speaker about which we’ll be talking about today, is a masterpiece packed in a little cuboid and enables you to play your favorite music without the use of wires. Yes, it is the Kinivo BTX270 Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth speaker. Stereo music playback, hands free calling, rechargeable battery and 8 hours of play time are a few mentions from the long list of features the Kinivo BTX270 comes with. Available only in black colour as of now, the speaker is priced at Rs. 2,999 on Amazon India and Flipkart. [The speaker is currently being shipped to India, so it will take some additional weeks for it to be available well in stock on both the eCommerce websites.]


The Kinivo BTX270 comes in a cuboid box, compactly packed. On cutting through the seal of the box – we discover the speaker and the manuals below it. In addition, we have been provided with a 3.5mm audio cable and a micro USB charging cable. The quality of the cables seem to be quite good, and not just some cheap quality cable which is added for the sake of it. Kinivo provides a one year warranty, which covers all the internal damages to the device.


The 6 inches long and 2.3 inches tall speaker is made up of good quality material and comes with a rubber casing all around it. The rubber casing comes out to be really helpful when you place the speakers on an inclined surface – since it prevents any kind of slipping. An additional advantage of the rubber casing is the damage protection, as it will protect the internal circuits when dropped. There are two speakers on the front side of the device and two on the rear side – which will be further discussed in the sound section. On the front side, we can find three buttons – one for volume up, second for volume down and the third being a multi-function button. On the right face of the speaker, we will be able to locate the 3.5mm Audio-in, micro-USB charging port and the power button. Overall, the design is complete in itself and we cannot really find any flaw when it comes to design. I’d give the Kinivo BTX270 Bluetooth speakers 8 on 10*, when talking about design and size to sound ratio.


For the people who think that good quality sound comes only in bigger sizes, the Kinivo BTX270 is an example to prove you wrong. I was really impressed by the quality of the audio output received, when compared to the size of the speaker. There are two sets of speakers, one on the front side and the other on the rear side. The front ones do the major job and product high and mid ranged frequencies, while the ones of the rear side produce low frequency outputs. The quality of audio is maintained when transiting from one volume to another, though there’s a little disturbance in the audio when played at a very high volume, but that’s acceptable. The Kinivo BTX270 Wireless speakers use high quality apt-X audio codec, which allows any bluetooth apt-X capable devices to connect and transmit crystal clear audio without any disruption. Improvements of apt-X over standard Bluetooth audio include reduced audio delay, CD quality audio and performance, and improved connectivity.


Testing the output of the Kinivo BTX270, it was able to stand an output of 70-80 dB with ease, going upto 110 dB with no issues. On the connectivity front, we are offered a choice between bluetooth and wired connection. Audio output between the two is not really different, but the minute difference is enhanced if you are a music lover or love watching movies at the best output available, like me. The range of the bluetooth is around 12 feets for a good sound output, but as we move away more than that – the sound gets cut occasionally.

The advantage we get with the Kinivo BTX270 is the built-in microphone, which will allow you to answer phone calls and operate from the speaker right itself. To connect any device to the speaker, you will need to long press the multi-function button for about 7-8 seconds, which will make the speaker visible to other Bluetooth devices. Once paired, the speaker will remember the connection and will connect to it automatically in the future. This feature can come out to be pretty handy during parties and tours. When it comes to sound, this speaker definitely deserves a 9 on 10*.


The Kinivo BTX270 is an amazing speaker when it comes to audio output and the option to wirelessly connect to them (with the high qualityapt-X audio codec technology). The built-in microphone will turn out to be really handy in situations where it will be difficult to operate your phone and the two sets of speakers – one on the front face and the other one on the back face produce a perfect combination of sound. No matter which type of audio you love to listen – podcasts, online videos, HD movie videos – Kinivo BTX270 will do the work for you. But is this worth spending Rs. 2,999? The answer to that question is expected to vary for different people. If you’re just a casual music listener, you might find it overpriced – but ask a music lover, quality does come with a little more money. I’ve been personally using these speakers for over two weeks now and I’m in love with them!

  • The score is calculated keeping in mind the price factor, other similar gadgets and performance. So, scores of different gadgets in different price segments are ought to very.


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