OnePlus One to Receive the Lollipop Update this month

With a series of hiccups in the last few months, OnePlus has made an official statement regarding the next update to its Operating System. And as you might be aware, that there are two categories of OnePlus One devices in the market as of now – one running the Cyanogen CMOS 12S, and the other group of devices running OnePlus’ very own Oxygen OS, which was announced in January this year.

The company promised the Lollipop update to all its customers by February, but they seem to have faced some delays, which they acknowledge in a

forum post made by Bandon H.


“We never intended to keep you waiting. Unfortunately, we ran into some unexpected roadblocks. First, there was an unforeseen OS signing issue, which has recently been resolved. Our camera module had stability issues on Lollipop, and we had to rebuild it for compatibility. Several other crucial drivers, including our Wi-Fi drivers, also needed to be updated to work flawlessly with the upgrade. Admittedly, it took a little more time than we had planned, but we only release updates that we are proud of; that means refusing to take shortcuts or deliver sub-par experiences.”

With the previous statement being said, OnePlus has announced that all the devices running on CMOS 12S will receive the official OTA update for before March 30 and the devices running the OxygenOS will get it on or before March 27. The users running OxygenOS on their devices, will have to download the Official Lollipop-based ROM from the OnePlus’ website.

To show how serious they are, the company has decided to giveaway five OnePlus One devices, on missing either one of the above deadlines. But, with this delay – will OnePlus be able to retain its market share, with Yu already prepared with the Android Lollipop update for their Yureka customers? Do let us know in the comments below.

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