16GB Silky White OnePlus One now available in India

After the growing demands in India for the flagship killer device, One, OnePlus have finally taken a decision to bring a 16GB version for the Indian markets, targeting the people with less memory requirements. Along with the reduced storage space, the company will offer the device with a 4G support. OnePlus has again done wonders with its pricing, and the phone is available for just Rs. 18,999, exclusively on Amazon.in from February 24 onwards. The only disheartening news is that in order to buy the OnePlus One Silky White 16GB model, you will need to own an invite.

The company posted “Living up to its ‘Never Settle’ mantra, OnePlus is working to bring wider range of products to the Indian market, starting first with the incredibly designed Silk White OnePlus One.”


The company’s press release states that the new OnePlus One showcases the extreme attention paid to smallest details and the white back cover features an incredibly soft and smooth texture made possible from extracting the best resources out of materials as unique as cashew nuts. Recapping the device’s specifications, the OnePlus One is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and features a 13MP primary camera, along with a 5MP front shooter. Both the 16GB and 64GB device comes with 3GB of RAM. The devices can be differentiated only on the basis of the storage offered by them, and rest of the specifications remain the same.


OnePlus one even started its operations in India, back in December 2014 with its new Bangalore Office. As a matter of fact, this is the first outside OnePlus Headquarters – which shows the company’s dedication to the Indian markets. The OnePlus India team is growing quickly and is working on strengthening its local presence to offer a better experience and even more products and accessories in the coming months. OnePlus fans in India can visit OnePlus’ Indian Facebook page or the OnePlus Forum to participate in a contest to receive an invite today.

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