Gadgets @ CES 2015: Insane or Genius?

The 2015 edition of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was dominated by fitness and wearable gadgets from small startups, some of which raised money via crowd-funding campaign. While most gadgets were me-too, there were few who stood out from the crowd. We love tech and we believe in its ability to enrich our lives. They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity and these gadgets challenge you to define it, either genius or insane. Do let us know which gadget we missed out which deserves a mention in the list below, through the comments.

Logbar Ring This ring lets you point and gesture to turn on the TV, switch off lights, or launch an app on your smartphone. Are you ready to wear it all day? Even if you do, are you willing to pay $270(~ ₹16,200) for this?

MySkin Oku Most health trackers focus on your body but this one takes care of your skin. MySkin’s Oku scans your skin via multi-spectral light and sensors and works in tandem with an app that analyses the skin for moisture, oiliness, texture, wrinkles and pigmentation. The app then makes lifestyle and diet recommendations to get a healthy skin. This gadget will cost you $299(~ ₹18,000).


Belty This is literally a belt which adjusts to your body when you sit down, or expands itself as your gut expands during a meal. Belty can also track your waist-line and measure your activity using the in-built Accelerometer and Gyroscope. This is supposed to be a premium French product so don’t expect it to be cheap.

Phaz Music P2 These are Bluetooth enabled headphones that can charge your phone as well. These come with an HD audio amplifier and active bass boost to deliver a rich sound experience. The P2 features a 1200mAh battery for charging your phone and wireless use, and can work as normal headphones when the battery has no charge with an audio cable. These will be available in April 2015 for $249.99(~ ₹15,000).

SleepIQ Kids Bed This is a bed for your child that tracks their sleep, sports a remote control night light, and alerts you when they decide to get up. There’s a safety-conscious under the bed light that comes on when they get up, a reward system for sleeping through, and even a monster detector. The whole thing syncs to an iOS app and it will cost you $1000(~ ₹60,000).

SmartMat Yoga Mat Taking Yoga to the next level, the SmartMat includes a mat that detects the body and an app that gives feedback and creates a personal profile to track your progress. It detects the body’s balance and alignment in more than 62 yoga poses and gives feedback on how to improve. It will also come with a marketplace where people will be able to download yoga lessons. Great huh? Are you willing to pay $300(~₹18,000)?


Digitsole Smart Insoles As the name suggest, they are insoles which are indeed smart. These recharge able insoles are to be fitted inside any shoe and will track your steps and movement. The current available version is also capable of heating your, the temperature of which can be maintained by a iOS app. They work on Bluetooth and the company is also planning for a shoe with all these features. They got a great kick-starter campaign which means many people seem to be interested in it but at $200(~₹12,000) I am not sure.

Budgee Robot Budgee is designed to carry your bags and follow you. It can be controlled via smartphone app but it also has an off switch. It can carry up to 50lbs and move at 4 mph while avoiding obstacles. The eye color and the voice tracks are changeable but at $1400(~₹84,000), I can’t even hope to see it around.

Parrot Pot A Bluetooth enabled flower pot is not something any one had expected this year. This pot can not only monitor sunlight, soil, fertilizer and temperature it can also automatically water the plant. It will push notifications through an iOS and Android application. It is available online for $60(~₹36,000).

LG Twin Tub Washing Machine Do you ever curse the lack of a second washing machine? You know what your washing machine really needs? It needs another smaller washing machine that slides out the base allowing you to do two different loads at once. This ‘marvelous’ invention has two tubs in one washing machine, one big, one small. Have you met anyone who needs two washing machines?

Quitbit Lighter A Bluetooth enabled lighter which will have you quit smoking. This lighter tracks your cigarettes and lets you monitor your smoking habits via an iOS and Android application. This device has a heating coil and needs to be charged once a week. This tiny device will cost you $100(~₹6000).


XYZPrinting 3D Food Printer Imagine a time when you can just print your food to your liking! This new 3D food printer can make chocolates and cakes of any shape and size you want but you’ll still need to bake them. Targeted at bakeries and cake shops, it can only print out one dough-based, cook able food item at a time. It has a touch screen and can connect to Windows and Mac PCs for designing inputs. The range starts at $2000(~₹1,20,000). This is our roundups for the most delirious or genius Gadgets launched at Consumer Electronic Show 2015. If you find anything more delirious, we would love to hear it from you in the comments below.


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