YU were mislead: Only 3000 Yureka Devices Sold!

Many Indians were waiting for the sale of the YU Yureka smartphone sale which took place today, and maybe you were one of those people. But how the sale ended in three seconds might be shocking for you because no matter how good the device looks on paper, the performance can be only tested once you have used it. For instance, people didn’t go for Xiaomi Mi 3 in the first sale itself, that is the reason it lasted for 39 minutes. But when Abhay Rana, a technology enthusiast from India, explored the flash sale which took place today, many interesting facts were revealed which are as follows:


Micromax Yu Yureka Hands On and Quick Review

You (or Yu) might be curious on how we discovered the above mentioned facts and you might want to test them for yourself. So, go ahead! Following the following steps to get a detailed report of the Flashsale.

  1. Go to http://hurl.it/, an online tool developed by Runscope Inc.
  2. Change the ‘GET’ in the Destination field to ‘POST’ and enter the following code in the textbox where it says yourapihere.com. http://www.amazon.in/xa/dealcontent/v2/GetDealStatus
  3. Click on “+Add Body” in the parameters field.
  4. Enter the following in the text box. {“requestMetadata”:{“marketplaceID”:“A21TJRUUN4KGV”,“clientID”:“goldbox”},“dealTargets”:[{“dealID”:“ea9fef51”,“itemIDs”:null}]} 
  5. Click on Launch Request.

You’ll get the following response from the servers and in case you don’t it maybe because Amazon might have tried to hide the facts. You can find the response from the Amazon server here (Permalink of Hurl.it, Gist uploaded by captn3m0):


This kind of system exists so that the client (in this case, YU) can keep an eye on the number of units being sold so that they can notify the users accordingly. But when this fact about 3,000 devices was discovered that only question that came into my mind was “why?”. Why would YU opt for such a dirty trick, according to you? Mention what you feel about the same in the comments section below.

Via: Captnemo.in


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