Hands On & Review: Micromax Yu Yureka First Impressions

The other day we witnessed the launch of a killer device, Yureka by ‘YU’ which is the online brand of Micromax Informatics. The device is priced aggressively at Rs. 8,999, which is intended to kill the sale of devices like the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Xiaomi Redmi Note etc. Yureka’s registrations commenced at 2pm, 19 December 2014 on Amazon.in and the sales are expected to start from January. For those who were unable to register for the first sale of the device which only lasted for an hour, will be allowed to do so on January 13, 2014. Yureka does not only come with great specifications and good looks, but is topped with Cyanogen OS 11, which allows users to customize their phone endlessly. We spent some time with the device, checking out the features and its performance, following are first impressions of the Yureka.


Right from the moment announcement about the 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen was made, we were excited to see how the new brand can cut down the prices so low without compromising the screen quality. But to our surprise, the phone has a great touch screen and was capable of giving a smooth performance, without any compromises in the screen. The display is indeed sharp and totally worth the price.

You might feel that YU could have done a little better while watching High Definition videos or while playing games, but you obviously cannot ask for a display better than this at Rs. 8,999. The viewing angles are great, and the phone is capable of delivering a screen upto 80 degrees without any shift or saturation in the actual colors. We couldn’t really test the phone’s screen under sunlight due to the weather conditions, but the screen is was quite reflective under indoor lights. But the indoor reflection of the screen obviously doesn’t give you a reason for not buying the smartphone. To complete the display, you will find a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.


When we first picked up the device, it was really shocking to observe how light the device was. The 155 grams heavy device looks beautiful and complete. The design of the device is quite elegant and feels good in hand. The curved rear side adds to the comfort in holding the device and the matte finish is an additional advantage. The speaker grill is found above the 5.5-inch screen on the front and the 5 megapixels camera is besides the speakers grill. The power button is placed on the right edge on the smartphone, while the volume rocker keys can be found on the right side.

The YU branding on the smartphone can be found on the rear side, on the grey moonstone finish. Along with the YU branding, the 13 megapixels camera, with the LED flash and the speaker grill is located on the rear side. Three capacitive touch buttons, one for the options, the middle one for home screen and the last one for back are located right below the screen. The phone is easy to access when it comes to button placement, as all the buttons can be reached without making an odd gestures. So, as far as the design factor is concerned YU has done a pretty good job.



Well, to be very honest this is one of the finest smartphone cameras you can get in this price segment. The indoor images captured by the smartphone were good enough and the light captured by the camera lens was perfect. As far as the rear camera technology is concerned, it comes with a blue filter which is capable of balancing the light intensity and introducing the lens to better light exposure. The weather conditions on that particular day didn’t allow us to test the camera performance under sunlight, but we will definitely be doing that in our review. Following are some images captured by the Yureka smartphone’s 13 megapixels rear camera.

Camera Samples: http://bit.ly/YU-001http://bit.ly/YU-002http://bit.ly/YU-003http://bit.ly/YU-004

Operating System and Features

Yureka is the second device running the Cyanogen OS, following the OnePlus One. The Cyanogen OS 11 provides the Yureka users a great deal of customizations, with which users can have their own taste of layout and color scheme on their device. A good news for the ones who are planning to go for the device is that, the Cyanogen Inc. co-founders have promised that the Yureka will be the first device to receive the Cyanogen OS 12 update, which will run on the latest Android Lollipop v5.0.


The Cyanogen OS 11 also gives you the access to set the data privacy limits for different applications, as in, you can select what all apps would be able to access different segments of your data (contacts, media files, locations, messages etc.). This feature has been termed as the ‘Privacy Guard’. In addition to this, Yureka also allows data encryption and remote data wipe in case you misplace your phone. For Yureka specifically, Cyanogen has partnered with NextBit, which is a cloud based service and will sync all your application data, game logs and rest of the operating system files that you might not want to lose, and save it on its cloud. It not only keeps a backup of your data, but also provides a feature to sync the backed up data across devices.


The phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, which is capable of performing sufficiently good and should be able to support all the latest and popular applications. We’ll be talking more about the performance in our full review of Yureka once we’ve tested it under all conditions. On paper, the phone comes with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which is expandable upto 32GB via microSD card. Yureka scores an exceptional score of 31,117 on the AnTuTu benchmarking application, which seems to be amazing for a smartphone in this price segment.

Rahul Sharma, co-founder YU explained that “the 64-bit processor means that the processor can access upto 4 billion times more memory than the 32-bit system and utilizes the RAM more effectively.”


Yureka might have impressed you with its spectacular specifications and good looks, but battery might not. The 2500mAh removable Li-Ion battery is the only source that shall power your Yureka smartphone. Rahul Sharma, co-founder YU mentioned the optimization of the Cyanogen Operating System with the hardware to get the best results in terms of battery backup, but we are yet to test how the battery performs under various conditions. Stay tuned to check out our review to know the in-depth battery details. On paper, Yureka is capable of giving a 210 hours of backup on standby, 11 hours on 4G LTE and 13 hours on 3G.


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