OnePlus One to Receive Cyanogen Updates in India

Last week involved a great deal of confusion for all the Indian customers, after CyanogenMod signed an exclusive agreement with Micromax, which stated that Micromax YU devices will only be allowed to run on the CyanogenMod operating system in India. This news definitely shook the OnePlus company just a few hours before the launch of OnePlus One devices in India.

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But after all the confusion, the developers at Cyanogen cleared out in a post on the Cyanogen Blog that all the OnePlus One devices globally, including India, will continue to receive the latest CyanogenMod updates.

_“Through our collaboration with OnePlus, we demonstrated the power of strong hardware and software tuned for exceptional performance. To clarify misinformation out there, the OnePlus One will get OTA firmware updates for all global devices, including global devices for our users in India.”¬†_says the developer in a post on the Cyanogen blog.

OnePlus in its forums declared that they have already started the work on their own Operating System, which will be based on the Android Lollipop 5.0, but after this announcement by Cyanogen it’ll be worth watching that how the company deals with the operating system in its ‘flagship killer’ device. CyanogenMod has also mentioned in its post that they will continue to support the Micromax YU devices in India, which means that the deal no longer hols exclusive.

What’s surprising about this announcement is not the U-turn Cyanogen has taken, but what forced them to take the decision after a week from its last announcement which stated an exclusive deal with Micromax for manufacturing YU devices in India.

Source: Cyanogen Blog


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