Interview with Arbar Sait (Audisee) and Yusuf Haider (Harman India)

On 28 November, 2014 we were invited for a demo of a home theater system by built together, by Audisee and Harman. What we saw was indeed exquisite. A Wolf Cinema projector, a Panasonic screen and JBL Synthesis two channel audio system gave us the best viewing of the movie Gravity we have ever seen. The video clip we saw was the scene where Sandra Bullock descends into the Earth’s atmosphere. Every part of the shuttle could be heard. The squeaky window, the loose chair, and of course, Sandra Bullock’s dialogue were in perfect harmony, harmony by Harman. The vibration of our seats due to the audio systems, made us feel that an actual theater isn’t worth the name. After the viewing, we decided to ask them a few questions about their products.

Mr. Arbar Sait from Audisee and Mr. Yusuf Haider from Harman gave us the answers we wanted to hear along with more.

Q. If the room the customer wants to place his home theater system isn’t a perfect room, how do you deal with the aspects of the room’s geometry and the buyer’s choice of placing the furniture?

A. First we take a layout of the room and calculate which arrangement of the speakers, projector and screen would give the best home theater experience. Then we give them three options. The good, the better and the best. The owner can choose which ever layout he prefers. However, this is not the only problem. Let us assume the customer wants to place his screen on the eastern side of the room, which falls in neither of our three options, we then adapt to the customer’s needs and redesign the layout of the home theater in that aspect to give the best possible experience. There’s no point in buying something if you can’t get its worth.

Q. In a home theater, if the speakers were placed a foot apart, how would it impact the audio and experience?

A. It makes a world of difference. Let’s assume in a foot, there is a certain amount of noise created. By harmonics, integral multiples of the octave carry the harmonic sound. So for each octave the same amount of noise is created. Multiply that by the frequency of hearing and you know how high the disturbance caused would be. So even a small miscalculation or placement could drastically reduce the quality of your home theater system. Precision is of the utmost importance.

Q. For the clichéd question, why would customers come to you rather than any other company?

A. There isn’t a one line answer to that question. When we started out, we didn’t sell home theater systems. What we did was we went to customer’s home who had already purchased the home theater and what we saw was astounding. The design of the room was completely wrong. The room had been made damp and the sound wasn’t able to carry through. So we fixed that, this wasn’t just one house. A huge number of people had been conned and weren’t getting what they had paid for. We built a reputation on knowing what was the best for a home theater and delivering. We give you the service you pay for, nothing less. That’s why, anyone who had conducted business with us, recommends us.


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