YouTube Incapable of Counting Views on PSY's Gangnam Style

We have all associated PSY’s Gangnam Style video to breaking records, but what it did today was really surprising. Instead of breaking records, this time it broke YouTube itself. Yes, that’s right – YouTube cannot count the number of views beyond the current number of views on PSY’s Gangnam Style dance video (which as of now is 2,147,483,647 views).

You can notice the note on the same by navigating to the video and you’ll notice that there’s a Google Plus post linked to the view counter. In the post YouTube says “We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views), but that was before we met PSY.” This doesn’t mean that this is the end to your video views, YouTube also added “Gangnam Style has been viewed so many times we have to upgrade!” in their post.

So, we can expect YouTube to be working on the same, and not to disappoint its video creators by setting a limit to the video views. The update to their statistics is expected to be updated really soon, and YouTube has asked users

“stay tuned for bigger and bigger numbers on YouTube. “

Read the Google Plus post from YouTube


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