Cyanogen ditches OnePlus for Micromax YU Devices in India

A bad news for all the OnePlus fans as well as the company, is that Cyanogen signs a deal with Micromax, making the CyanogenMod exclusively available to devices of the Micromax YU range in India. This deal has supposedly created disturbance to the OnePlus One launch in India, which is scheduled  for 2 December. This move by Cyanogen has created confusion among many, including the users.

OnePlus in its official blog published a post titled ‘A letter to our Indian users’, where co-founder Carl Pei wrote “it was surprising and disappointing to hear from Cyanogen on November 26 that they had granted exclusive rights in India over the Cyanogen system to another company” and “We can’t explain Cyanogen’s decision because we don’t fully understand it ourselves”.

The purpose of this post seemed be to appeal the Indian users who might have felt “disappointed or deceived” that they will get continuous support by OnePlus. However, this will not affect the relations between Cyanogen and OnePlus globally, Carl writes. The One will continue to be supported globally and receive frequent OTAs. They will keep working together towards improvement of the One continuously for at least the next one year, according to the post. Coming to the

OnePlus One’s India launch with Amazon, it will go ahead as planned on 2 December and it’ll still carry CyanogenMod, but it won’t be updated, i.e., users in India will not be able to update the CyanogenMod via OTA, but still can flash the latest ROM manually.

Since the beginning, OnePlus’ priorities have been their products and the user. The company aims to tackle this problem by developing their own Android ROM. The Android Team of OnePlus established to make software for future devices (as announced in October) will be working on a customised version of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) for the OnePlus One in India. OnePlus has announced that the first community build will be available as soon as December, followed by a production-ready build in February. They promise a “stable, fast, and lightweight” ROM which is bloatware-free and customised to have features which are important to the users. In addition, they have committed to all the Indian customers that they will be given the best quality support in every manner. More stations will be set up in the future for customer-service, and also online instructions will be given to the users who would like to flash their devices to the latest system.

OnePlus plans to clear more doubts by users through a Reddit AMA to be held on 5 December on /r/Android. To sum up, CyanogenMod updates will no more be available for the OnePlus One in India, which will be run by a ROM of their own making based on Android Lollipop. Only time can tell us if this move, initiated by Micromax, will affect the global ties between Cyanogen and OnePlus.


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