Lume Cube: The Portable Flashlight for your Smartphone

Pictures hold a special place in our hearts, everyone wants to be able to capture the memories and freeze them in time forever.Over the years, phone manufacturers have spent a lot of time and effort into designing a suitable camera for their phone. However, the major problem faced by these manufacturers is the lighting. No matter how amazing the lens is or the kind of software it runs on, one thing the manufacturer can’t control is the lighting under which the image is being taken.and every picture needs good lighting. Often these manufacturers try to overcome this issue by allowing user more control over shutter speed, ISO and add dual flash to the hardware.

This is where Lume Cube comes in, a kickstarter project which has already crossed its goal of $56,000 and still has over 20 days to go. LumeCube is a 1.5 inch cube enclosed in a water resistant silicone shell and is home to three very powerful LEDs, capable of releasing 1,500 lumens of light. Marvelous, isn’t it? but that’s just the beginning of an array of features and options offered by Lume Cube. Your Android or iPhone can be synced to five Lume Cubes simultaneously through the app provided by the developers, wherein we can adjust the brightness, and the duration of the light.With the usage of powerful magnets and a suction cup, the Lume Cube can be mounted to virtually any surface. Those who do not intend to mount it to any surface can make use of the tripod designed by JOBY provided to help the lights focus better. That’s right. A tripod for a 1.5 cube.

The inbuilt optical sensors allow it to be triggered by an external flash with a zero recycle time between flashes. The USB chargeable flash lasts for 2 hours on half a battery and takes approximately an hour to charge up to 100%.

Currently, Lume Cubes have a prototype ready and the iPhone app works perfectly and need to raise capital so as to manufacture the first set of Lume Cubes.To entice backers Lume Cubes is offering all sorts of incentives like being an exclusive distributor to a one night stay in a 5 star hotel followed by spending a day with the inventors. Although you might have to shell out $3,199 and $5,000 respectively,not to mention the risk involved.

Available in seven colour variants, and coming in packages of 1, 2, or 6, they are expected to be priced at $60 with delivery set to be started by February 2015. The brains behind this project is a four man team consisting of Mornee Sherry, Nathan Oxley, Matt Cummins and Riley Stricklin have 40 years of combined experience bringing products to market in the U.S. and overseas, and a wealth of business and manufacturing knowledge have invented the worlds most versatile, and portable camera flash.


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