WhatsApp now Allows Multiple Admins for Groups

Over the years WhatsApp has evolved and brought in new changes and features. Constantly tweaking nuances within the app to make it more user-friendly and enhance the overall app experience. For years users have tried to find a way to add multiple admins to a group and now WhatsApp has introduced the ability to make multiple members of a group an admin. This can only be done by the original admin and no one else in the group, the new group admin will enjoy all the benefits of being a normal admin which means he/she can add other members to the group, make someone else admin and can even remove the original admin from the group. Although once made an admin, they will become a permanent admin and cannot be removed as an admin even by the original admin of the group. Like everything, one can easy circumvent this problem by first deleting the new admin from the group and then adding him back, the admin rights are not carried over.

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How to make another member a group admin? Go to the members list and find the member you want to make the admin, long pressing the name will open a set of options which would include making him/her an admin. Select “Add ABCD to group admins” and voila! You have another group admin present.

So the that’s the end of waiting from the admin to come online or having to share contacts of those who aren’t in the administrator’s contact list. Making it much easier and hassle free to add more people to the group or could also make it easier to overtake a group and start the admin wars. You never know.


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